Interview: Jasmine C. Leyva “The Invisible Vegan”

Actress and director Jasmine C. Leyva sat down with The Sarah Scoop Show to tell us all about her film The Invisible Vegan. Leyva dived into her career that sparked from a love of theatre, leading to her first-ever film. She told us all about the hardships that go into creating an indie movie for the first time as well as gave us insight on her vegan journey.

The Invisible Vegan

After moving to Los Angeles, Leyva found herself confused. She did not understand why veganism was stereotyped as white culture when it is a lifestyle for everyone! This motivated her to create The Invisible Vegan, to dispel the rumors that come along with African American dietary habits. The documentary additionally focuses on shutting down major stereotypes that are made about a vegan lifestyle in a non forceful manner.

ic: facebook of Jasmine C. Leyva

“It hit me that I cannot keep waiting for someone else to give me the go to pursue my own passion. I have to use the resources at my disposal and make it happen, and that’s how you got Invisible Vegan!”

-Jasmine C. Leyva

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