Interview: Keana Marie from Netflix’s “Dash & Lily”

The Sarah Scoop Show went live with young actress Keana Marie. In addition to her role in Netflix’s holiday series “Dash and Lily”, Keana shared about her life, career, and experiences.

Early Life

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Keana shared interesting facts bout her early life and roots. She is both French & Brazilian. She also shared that she landed in Miami when she was 8 years old. The actress moved to Los Angeles 7 years ago in hopes of becoming a director and completed her directorial debut right before the pandemic hit.


Photo credit: @keanamarie_

Keana always knew what she wanted in life and was determined in working towards it. She said, “LA is the only place that I can make my dreams come true”. She also shared that she decided to attend college as she was a good student. However, she dropped out before she could finish her first year to follow her acting career. She firmly said, “I decided to learn on my own time without spending an absurd amount of money”.

Keana also gave us some insight into the happenings of her production company. She mentioned that she will be producing an independent project which she is directing herself. There is a lot more on the way in addition to that as well.

She also states that the magic in her life is her positivity. She says positive affirmations and manifestation can change people’s lives.

Moments in Dash & Lily

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She shared more about her role in Dash & Lily airing on Netflix. The show turned out to be an unexpected but pleasant opportunity for her. Keana says, “I’m very grateful for Dash & Lily“. She also added that she has been a huge fan of the Jonas brothers and she now had the chance to work with them. However, she comedically notes that she doesn’t want to be remembered only as a fangirl.

Keana shared that she loved shooting in New York. The holiday cheer in the city kept her on her toes. She also shared that she walked around huge parts of New York and really took advantage of the opportunity.

Personal Faves

Photo credit: @keanamarie_

Keana listed out her all-time favorite movies. Some of her favorites include A Clockwork Orange, Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, Taxi Driver, Room, Moonrise Kingdom, and Captian Fantastic. She also jovially said, “Make sure you’re allowed to watch these movies”. Her favorite book, she revealed, is The Glass Castle.

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