Exclusive Interview: Lace Morris from the Bachelor


We caught up with Lace Morris from the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, for the Sarah Scoop Show. Lace appeared on Ben Higgins season on the Bachelor. She also left Bachelor in Paradise engaged, but unfortunately they called it off and now she is a realtor in Denver and dog mom with her new boyfriend.

How she got on the show

“I had applied randomly 6 months before they even contacted me and when they did I had forgotten all about it.”

When Lace decided to apply for the Bachelor, she had no idea that she would get on. When producers reached out to her six months later she actually had a boyfriend and declined the offer. The relationship ended up not working out and she contacted production again and got on the show.

Her time on the show

“The got to make you feel a certain way to make you do certain things. Their good at their job, I’ll put it that way.”

Lace was a contestant on Ben Higgins’ season of the Bachelor. There she found herself not making the best first impression during the first week the show aired. “My mom hated me the first week of the Bachelor” When the third week came around though, fans started to like her and try to get to know her. Unfortunately, Lace decided to leave because she was not feeling a connection with Ben. Producers would not let her talk to Ben until the end of the night. She left on good terms and would soon be making her way to a beach in Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise.

While on Bachelor in Paradise, Lace met Grant Kemp. They left the show engaged but ultimately called it quits. But soon Lace found love again with her current boyfriend Russell, whom she met on the dating app Bumble. The two now live in Denver, Colorado with their dog.

Her favorite memory from the show

When you are not going on dates or traveling on a plane to your next destination, there is a lot of downtime in the Bachelor mansion. One thing that the mansion did not run out of was food. Lace talked about how she spent most of her downtime making food and eating food.

“I literally would stand there and make eggs and eat oreos at the same time. I ate so many oreos, I went home and I think I gained 5 – 10 pounds.”

Be sure to check out the full interview and learn more about the shows and what Lace is up to now. Make sure you get the scoop on more Bachelor blogs and exclusive interviews.

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The answers have been shortened and edited for clarity purpose.

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