Interview: Lauren Chamblin, “LC” from Netflix’s “Love Is Blind”

Lauren Chamblin, “Love Is Blind”

On the latest episode of the Sarah Scoop Show we get the scoop on Lauren Chamblin, otherwise known as “LC” from the popular Netflix show “Love is Blind!”

LC shares the scoop on the show, discusses what the casting process for the show was like, her new podcast, and much more!

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The Casting Process

LC shares great advice about the casting process for “Love Is Blind.” She says that the best way to audition for the show is, “to just be yourself.” Lauren talks about how being genuine and honest is the key to success both on the show and in one’s love life.

Lauren Chamblin, “Love Is Blind”

New Podcast

She also discussed her brand new podcast which she hosts with her friend/co-host Tiffany Haynes. The podcast, called “Permission to Enter”, airs new episodes every week and discusses various topics with special guests, some of which include celebrity hairstylists and love/relationship coaches. Check out their podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and the Instagram page.

Lauren Chamblin, “Love Is Blind”

Friends From The Show

Lauren also shares the scoop on who she has stayed in touch with since the show was filmed back in 2018. Lauren says, “…I’m probably the closest with Diamond…Lexi is one of my really good friends…there’s a lot of people I am still really good friends with…” She goes on to say that the cast used to go out all the time together prior to the quarantine/lockdown.

Sharing Life Advice

LC also gives advice about how to stay upbeat for those who may be struggling during difficult times. She talks about how when she was furloughed for 5 months she would FaceTime with her friends and how she downloaded the Sims app in order to remain busy.

She goes on to talk about how she encourages herself to get through difficult days, saying that “you do have to take some action when you get to a low point, you can be at a low point, that’s fine, but…at a certain time you have to try to get back up.”

Lauren Chamblin, “Love Is Blind”

Her Best Fashion Tips

Lauren also discusses her tips for fashion, saying, “I like wearing things that are comfortable and that make me feel good!” She goes on to discuss how she is currently in the process of trying to reduce the amount of clothing she owns.

She shares that while moving 3 times during the month of October while changing apartments she had found clothes with the tags still on them that she had purchased 2 years prior!

More Scoop On Lauren

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