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Interview: Marcus Rosner & Lisa Durupt on New Royal Romance Movie “Christmas with a Crown”

The Sarah Scoop Show hosted actors Lisa Durupt and Marcus Rosner to talk all about their new feel-good film “Christmas with a Crown”. They were also producers on the movie and revealed how they were able to juggle the roles of both actors & producers. Plus, they shared on the magical romance that blossoms between their characters.

Watch the interview here!

Christmas with a Crown

Image: Vision Films

“Christmas with a Crown is a story of a young lady who goes back home for Christmas, only to realize that the local Christmas festival that has been put on for years by her mom and the local townspeople is not being puton this year. Amongst her fight to put it on, she comes across this charming new person that has come to town. She later discovers it is not just your everyday visitor.”

– Lisa Durupt

Balancing Act

Image: Vision Films

“I’ve done a lot of these films, Christmas and otherwise, and just having like the personal investment of being on the producing side and sort of, at least, having a seat at the table as far as creative control made the entire experience more enjoyable and fulfilling.”

– Marcus Rosner

Not Your Average Princess

Image: Vision Films

‘There is a fine balance between how do you make it realistic because there are a lot of those damsels in distress movies, and the man saves her and this and that. So I wanted to be careful that she wasn’t just that. She just didn’t need saving.” 

– Lisa Durupt
Image: Vision Films

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