Interview with Reality TV Legend, Survivor’s Jonny Fairplay

Jonny Fairplay's cast photo

When I tell people that I watch Survivor, I get the same reactions time and time again.

“That show is still on?” is the most common. I am here to tell you that, yes, it is, and it is incredible. The second most common is some form of this: “I remember when that guy used to walk around naked” or “I remember when that guy lied about his grandmother dying.” The second sentence is the one we want to focus on today. “That guy” is Jon Dalton. Better known as Jonny Fairplay. Jonny Fairplay is the most notorious player in Survivor history, and one of the most notorious reality TV stars of all time, and we are bringing you an interview with the man himself.

Despite the fact that his most infamous moment aired in 2003, people in 2019 remember it well. It has become such an iconic moment that it transcends the TV show. The Dead Grandmother Lie is less a Survivor moment and more of a pop culture moment. It was gross, it was daring, it was brilliant. At the time that Jonny Fairplay was surviving in the Pearl Islands, reality TV was still very young. The United States had not been subjected to true reality TV villains – people that you truly loved to hate. Until Fairplay came around. And that is a badge that he wears proudly.

He knows that he is one of the biggest, baddest villains in reality TV history and he likes it that way.

We were lucky enough to interview Jonny Fairplay for your listening pleasure! During the interview, he talks about his time on Survivor: Pearl Islands/Survivor: Micronesia, gives behind the scenes information, and tells us whether or not he would be willing to come back to play Survivor in the future. Listen to the full interview below!

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