Morgan Kohan Talks “When Hope Calls”

Here’s the scoop with Hallmark Channel actress Morgan Kohan. Watch our one-on-one interview to hear about Morgan and her fast rise to success, her new hit show “When Hope Calls”, and TikTok dance videos!

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Reflections Of Herself In Her Character

Image: Hallmark Channel

Everyone always wants to know if an actor is actually like the characters they play in real life, and of course, we wanted to see if Morgan has any similarities to her super sweet character, Lillian Walsh, on “When Hope Calls”.

“Oh I love Lillian. I feel like she’s so near and dear to my heart. It’s kind of the perfect role for me, I think. It just felt very natural kind of jumping into her…I love to plan. I love to schedule. I love to organize. I love to keep things clean, like to an embarrassing degree, so that I am very similar to Lillian with. So there’s that.”

– Morgan Kohan

Will there be a season 2 of “When Hope Calls”?

Photo: Hallmark Channel “Home and Family”

Dear Hallmark Channel, please, please renew “When Hope Calls” for a second, third, and fourth season! This show is seriously binge-worthy.

Read the “When Hope Calls” novel here!

“No official word yet. But we are like very optimistic, so hoping!”

– Morgan Kohan

Morgan Upped Her Cool Factor with TikTok

Photo: LV Imagery

We had to ask how Morgan and the “When Hope Calls” cast spends their downtime on set. It sounds like the younger cast members had to educate their elders on all things TikTok dances!

“Last summer [on set], a couple of the kids were really into TikTok. So we were doing stuff like, what did they call it? “The Woah”? They were trying to make us cool. Trying to help us out with our cool factor.”

– Morgan Kohan

Does Morgan Want Lillian to End Up with Gabriel or Sam?

Photo: @morgankohan Official Instagram Account

We are absolutely loving the sparks that fly between Lillian and her lovely gentleman callers, Gabriel and Sam. But what does Morgan hope for her character, Lillian, when season two comes around?

“Obviously I’d love to see something happen with Sam or Gabe or explore that a little bit, her like the romantic side…I’m leaving that up to the writing gods!…But I’d also really love for her to develop a little bit and go into a friendship with Nurse Maggie. I think those two get on so well and could have so much fun in the second season. And it would be nice to learn a little bit more about the kids too.

– Morgan Kohan

Favorite Character from “When Calls the Heart”

Photo: “When Calls the Heart” / Hallmark Channel

“When Hope Calls” is the spin-off series from the uber-popular Hallmark Channel series “When Calls the Heart”. Morgan even started in a special Christmas episode of “WCTH”. We had to find out if she had a favorite character on the show.

Don’t forget to watch “When Calls the Heart”, the series that inspired the spin-off “When Hope Calls”!

“Elizabeth, of course…and just Erin as a person is just so sweet and kind. And when you know that about someone, seeing them onscreen makes you love them even more. She just has such a presence about her. No wonder the show has done so well for so long”.

– Morgan Kohan

Loves Dressing up as Lillian

Photo: @morgankohan Official Instagram Account

The sets and costumes are just exquisite and so aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Can you image how fun it must be to dress up in those darling costumes for the period show? Morgan seems to love this aspect of filming!

“It’s really fun. It’s funny because when we were first getting ready and before we started shooting, we did all of my costume fittings in Toronto out at some studio. All my fittings were there, and then all of a sudden everything gets shipped up to North Bay where we were filming. And the first day on set, you put everything on, and it’s all finished. And it’s beautiful, like beautiful clothing.”

– Morgan Kohan

A Message for Her Fans

Photo: Hallmark Channel

Grateful for her success and reception by “Hearties”, Morgan wanted to express her gratitude to fans for their support as well as encourage those during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Just thank you. I mean, thank you. It’s been such a welcoming experience and happened so quickly. I hope everyone is just taking time for themselves and just being around the people that they love whether it’s physically or through camera, just keeping in touch. Yeah, thank you.”

– Morgan Kohan

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