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Is Mike Johnson Dating Abigail Heringer?

Is there going to be another Bachelor Nation couple? Fans are talking about The Bachelor contestant Abigail Heringer and The Bachelorette contestant Mika Johnson! While neither won the final rose in their season, these two may have found love outside of reality television.

Thanks to the Click Bait podcast and Heavy, here is the scoop on Abigail Heringer and Mike Johnson’s relationship!

Is Abigail Heringer Dating?

(ABC/Craig Sjodin)

After watching her receive Matt James’ First Impression rose, Bachelor Nations fans quickly fell in love with Abigail Heringer. Unfortunately, she does not win Matt’s heart in the end, but fans still want to see more of her.

On the Click Bait podcast, Abigail talks about her dating life. She says, “No dates right now. I’ve just been really busy. It’s been a busy couple months just trying to get adjusted to the city… I’ve just been hanging out with a lot of girls from the show and other girls that I know from back home. And so, I’ve just been a little too busy to date right now.” 

However, she also adds that she is “definitely ready for it,” so maybe she will start dating soon!

Since leaving The Bachelor, Abigail spends her time with friends in New York and meeting other members of Bachelor Nation. This includes spending time with none other than The Bachelorette heart-throb Mike Johnson!

Abigail shared a cute photo of her and Mike to her Instagram story, and he shared it as well. Since then, Bachelor Nation is swirling with rumors about these two dating!

Is Mike Johnson Crushing On Abigail?

Instagram @mike_johnson

Mike Johnson captured everyone’s hearts in Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. In an exclusive with Heavy, he talks about his Bachelor Nation crushes.

Responding to a question about the top three women he wants to see on Bachelor in Paradise, he simply says, “I absolutely have my eye on someone in Bachelor Nation. If the opportunity presents itself, carpe diem.”

Also, he says that he wants to see ““Serena Pitt and Abigail Heringer” as the next stars of The Bachelorette. He also adds that, “They both brought really good energy.”

Now, fans are hoping that Mike and Abigail are dating. If they both appear on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise, maybe fans will get their wish!

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