Is This a Real College Class or One from “Community?”

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The series “Community” is about Greendale, a community college with many strange classes students can take. However, some college courses in real life are just as weird. Can you tell a real college class from one created on the show Community? Let’s find out!

Getting Dressed

Real class or Community class?

Real Class: Getting dressed seems pretty self-explanatory, but there’s an actual college course about it at Princeton. It’s about contemplating what your decisions concerning clothes mean, and how it relates to society and history. While it’s real, Britta would definitely take this course to complain about capitalism.

Who Indeed: A Critical Analysis of Television’s “Who’s the Boss?”

Real class or Community class?

Community Class: In the Community episode “Competitive Wine Tasting,” Abed is excited to take the media studies class about the reality series “Who’s the Boss?” It’s a deep dive into who was the actual boss on the show. Abed concludes that it was Angela, rendering the class meaningless.

The Amazing World of Bubbles

Real class or Community class?

Real Class: Bubbles are related to all things fun—bubble wrap, bubble baths, and blowing bubbles with bubble gum. However, the class at Cal-Tech goes into the science of bubbles and their energy potential. It turns out bubbles can be harmful or helpful, depending on how they’re harnessed.


Real class or Community class?

Real Class: While Greendale has had its fair share of stupidity, this is an actual class at Occidental College. It analyzes stupidity in humanity through the lens of sociology and philosophy. This class has gotten backlash from some, but those people are stupid.

Can I Fry That?

Real class or Community class?

Community Class: This class from Community is just what the name states. Students ask the professor what can be fried, and he answers yes or no. You can ask anything, except if fries can be fried, because the professor doesn’t tolerate clowning.

Real class or Community class?

Real Class: Even though this seems like a class the television-obsessed Abed would be into, or the ex-lawyer Jeff would teach, it’s real. This UC Berkley course teaches students how to discredit excuses made in the courtroom as Judge Judy does. Hopefully, these students will have just as much fun in the courtroom as they do when watching the reality show.

Theoretical Phys Ed

Real class or Community class?

Community Class: This is a night school class at Greendale. Britta also mentions it in the KFC space simulator episode, a parody episode of Community that you need to watch. We don’t know how physical education and be theoretical, but we wish we could take the class to find out.


Real class or Community class?

Community Class: The group reinstates the class “Ladders” and allows alcohol on campus again after Frankie quits. The results are disastrous, as the drunk professor falls off a ladder and onto students below, including Annie. Needless to say, the group decides to reinstate the previous rules.

Tree Climbing

Real class or Community class?

Real Class: Cornell University allows students to relive their childhood in this college course. They learn how to climb trees safely and responsibly. People of all ages can take this class and experience the adventure of swinging through trees!

Nominal Ascertainment

Real class or Community class?

Community Class: There’s a list of night school classes shown in the “Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design” episode. It includes Math 1-2-3, Class 101, History of Something, and Canned Response Awareness. One class is also called Nominal Ascertainment. Is this course about learning the names of things, or how to remember someone’s name? Who knows! What we do know is that the show Community makes learning look fun.

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We hope you enjoyed reading about these hysterical sounding college courses. How many did you guess correctly? Comment down below!

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