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It’s Time For Self-Love This September

If you think of September as a second New Year opportunity, it’s the perfect occasion to rethink your resolutions. However, rather than considering what went wrong and what didn’t, why not change your focus? Indeed, new year’s resolutions often act as a process of self-blame and self-disappointment. You want to change because you are not happy with yourself. Let’s use September to put a spin on the old habits. For this second new year beginning, why not use it as an excuse for self-love? Everybody needs a pep talk from time to time. You need to become your most loyal cheerleader. So, this September, it’s time to make your self-esteem your new resolution. 

Embrace color psychology

It’s surprising what a simple color change can do to your mind. The color green, for instance, has received a lot of attention in fashion this year. It’s understandably trendy and fresh. However, if you find it a little too exuberant, you might change your mind when you learn more about the psychology of colors. Green represents abundance, peace, security, and growth. It brings a sense of renewal. Is it enough to convince you to give the green trend a try? Wearing a green dress is more than a fashion statement. It can significantly transform your perception of yourself and your surroundings. So, what’s stopping you from dressing to boost your mood? 

If green isn’t your color, don’t worry, there are many other options. A bright yellow or orange can put a smile on your face. Purple is a soft and comforting shade that’s soothing and feminine. A bright pink can be energetic and even make you feel a little sexy too. The bottom line: it’s worth experimenting with new styles to give your mind a positive path for growth. 

Let art do the talking

Everyone has a talent. Whether you enjoy writing poetry or dancing hip-hop, it’s time to recognize your skills. Art comes in many forms. More importantly, art doesn’t take any comparison. Its purpose is to touch us. Sharing art creates an emotional response. You could be moved to tears, whether you read a meaningful story or watch a ballet dancer. But when you share your emotions via art, you can also gain a lot of strength through the process. Whether you choose to self-publish your poetry via a book printing quote and process or start a YouTube channel with your latest choreographies, sharing is empowering. It helps you connect with people who share the same emotions. Making art is a vulnerable process that exposes your soul and makes you stronger as a result. So, whatever hobby you enjoy, be proud about sharing it with others. 

Self-love beings with setting your priorities

Last but not least, use this second new year as an excuse to review your priorities. Most people find it hard to put themselves first as they worry about being selfish. However, the constant effort to value others’ emotions and interests before yours drains you. Be honest with yourself: September comes in a couple of weeks. Don’t you feel already exhausted by the year? Let it be your wake-up call to make yourself a priority again. 

September is the second new year, and it means a happier you. The best version of yourself is happy. It’s not about achieving a better performance or fitting in a smaller dress size. It’s about recognizing your emotional needs. 

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