Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles – A Quick & Tasty Low-Carb Option

I love the weekends because my mornings always consist of waking up, making my coffee, cooking up some scrambled eggs, and enjoying breakfast on my balcony. It’s a lovely, slow start to my morning. But the rest of the week I am at a loss! In the midst of getting ready for the workday, there simply isn’t enough time to cook up breakfast. Luckily, there’s now a solution: enter Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles!

Jimmy Dean Simply Scrambles package contents

Thanks to Jimmy Dean, this quintessential, weekend only American breakfast is now something we can all enjoy 7 days a week. Cha-ching!

Two real liquid eggs
Simple Scramble meat and cheese
Cooked scramble with sausage and cheese

How It Works

The new Scrambles come in a convenient microwavable to-go cup that includes 2 real eggs and assorted meats and cheeses, depending on the flavor you buy. All you have to do is pop it in the microwave and you’re good to go.

The best thing about this product is you can literally enjoy it any time of day, anywhere. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s great. The convenient to-go bowl means I can enjoy it on the go, even while driving, without the risk of spilling it everywhere!

Simple Scramble Nutrition

Most importantly– and this is definitely something I look for in any breakfast– IT KEEPS ME SATISFIED. Especially since these Scrambles are packed with 22g of protein per serving and contain very few carbs. I am energized in the morning. What I put into my body with these Scrambles is essential to my daily health. Otherwise, I would have to find other ways to incorporate healthy proteins into my day, which can often be challenging!

Simple Scramble Sausage flavor

These breakfasts are important because they keep your body fueled and kick start your metabolism first thing in the morning, which is so important to overall health.

You can find this trendy new breakfast at Walmart. I hope you all can make your day more satisfying and convenient with the help of this awesome product as I have!

Jimmy Dean Simple Scramble on the patio
Pinterest image Jimmy Dean Simple Scrambles

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