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You Must Try Jordan’s Skinny Syrups

If you are someone who likes flavored tea or an extra something in your coffee this is the sugar free syrup to try. It is zero calorie and you can order a variety of flavors on Amazon. You must try Jordan’s Skinny Syrups!

Alt="You Must Try Jordan's Skinny Syrup"

I am a coffee fanatic! Adding flavor to my coffee makes it feel a little extra special in the morning for my first cup and even more so with my second cup. It gives it that extra spark that one may find at your local coffee shop. This Caramel Collection Trio is perfect for all my caramel lovers!

There are other classic flavors such as Mocha and Vanilla. If you want to go even further and experiment there’s flavors like Mint Chocolate Chip and Maple Bourbon Pecan. As well as other flavor samplers like the Ice Cream Collection, Coffee Shop Sampler, Dessert Collection.

The syrups genuinely do have zero sugar and calories. It’s also free of carbs! So, it’s great if you are on track with KETO or want to lower your sugar and carb intake. The sweetener in the syrups are also natural and it only takes a little to add so much flavor to your beverage.

Here are a few of our favorite must-try Jordan’s Skinny Syrups:

Alt="Jordan's Skinny Syrup Caramel Collection"
Alt="Jordan's Skinny Syrup Sugar Free Mocha"
Alt="Jordan's Skinny Syrup Sugar Free Vanilla"
Alt="Jordan's Skinny Syrup Mint Chocolate Chip"
Alt" Jordan's Skinny Syrup Maple Bourbon Pecan"
Alt=" Jordan's Skinny Syrup Ice cream Collection"
Alt=" Jordan's Skinny Syrup Coffee Shop Sampler"
Alt= "Jordan's Skinny Syrup Dessert Collection"
Alt"Jordan's Skinny Syrup Pineapple"
Alt=" Jordan's Skinny Syrup Raspberry"
Alt=" Jordan's Skinny Syrup Strawberry Watermelon"
Alt="Jordan Skinny Syrup Lemon Raspberry"
Alt=" Jordan Skinny Syrup"

Other ways to sweeten up your drinks:

There are several flavors to choose from and coffee isn’t the only drink you can add the syrups to. I added the Pineapple Syrup to iced tea. I also tried it with some hot tea as well and it was just as refreshing. There are other fruity flavors like raspberry, strawberry watermelon, and lemon raspberry.

If you are not a fan of putting some added flavor or sweetener in your drink then I suggest using the syrups for baking. There also mixes for cocktails! These syrups can be used in so many ways and I hope you can find a flavor to fall in love with.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.