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Josh Duhamel Calls “Tiger King” an Idiot

Last week the Sarah Scoop team attended a press event with Josh Duhamel in honor of his newly released rom-com “The Lost Husband”. We got the scoop on how Josh is handling life in quarantine, his love for the woods, and his feelings about “Tiger King”. Be sure to watch movie!

Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel in “The Lost Husband”
Image: Quiver Distribution / Comingsoon.net

Josh Duhamel Says “Tiger King” is an Over-the-top Idiot

Josh Duhamel for WildAid
Image: Wildaid.org

Like most of the world, Josh has watched the infamous “Tiger King” documentary on Netflix. However, he found the experience to be quite unsettling and described his experience viewing Joe Exotic docu-series as, well, odd.

“I did watch “Tiger King”. I couldn’t stand any of those people to be honest. They’re just ugh. I started out loving it because I was like, wow, these guys are so interesting, but then I was like ugh I don’t like any of you…What is it about people that handle big cats? They’re all so flamboyant and over the top. What is that? It’s like they take on this larger than life persona. You’re an idiot. What are you doing? Any scruples?”

– Josh Duhamel

“It was like food poisoning watching that show”.

– Director Vicky Wight

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Josh Duhamel’s Quarantine Routine Involves Watching Snails

Just like us, Josh seems to be experiencing the boredom that comes along with enduring quarantine and isolation at home. So much so, that he has taken to sitting in his back yard and noticing the little things.

“I literally picked up this couch earlier today and swept underneath it because I didn’t know what else to do with myself. I’m taking ice baths for no apparent reason…I’m missing sports a lot. I’m not gonna lie. I watched snails crawl up my little wall the other day. I put money down on that just for something to do”.

– Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is a Minnesota Lumberjack

Josh Duhamel in “The Lost Husband”
Image: Quiver Distribution

Escaping the craziness that has become our current world, Josh traveled to his cabin in the Minnesota woods where he spent three weeks amongst the trees.  He even believes he has more purpose when he is in the woods.

“We spent the first three weeks in Minnesota out at my cabin in the woods, like deep in the woods…All we did was chop wood…and clear brush. Although we knew what was going on around the world, it was a nice departure and distraction from what we are dealing with here in LA now…it makes you appreciate civilization a little bit more, but at the same time I felt there is nothing else I would rather be doing…”.

– Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel May Never Shake Hands Again

The idea of stopping the common practice of greeting others by shaking hands has recently come under ridicule due to the enactment of social distancing.

“I just saw this thing on CNN where they’re talking about how Americans should maybe change the way they great people, like getting rid of the hand shake altogether…It would eb a different way of reprogramming a whole culture, but I don’t think it’s a terrible idea because we do need to learn from this, so it doesn’t happen again…

– Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel is an Improv Genius

On set of “The Lost Husband” with Director Vicky Wight, Leslie Bibb, and Josh Duhamel
Image: Leslie Bibb’s Official Instagram: @mslesliebibb

Director Vicky Wight credits Josh with creating a hilarious line in his new film “The Lost Husband”. Great job on creating lines, Josh. Is there a possibility of a “Whose Line Is It Anyway” appearance in the future?

“What people don’t know about Josh is that Josh is actually a writer…he is also an incredibly good improvisational action and therefore, naturally a good writer… At the end of the trailer, there is a tiny, little tack on at the end where Leslie Bibb walks into the kitchen… and Josh’s character says ‘Roosters can’t tell time’… Every time Josh said that line…the entire crew died”…He’s the whole package”.

– Director, Vicky Wight

“The Lost Husband” is About Filling Voids

The film is a romantic comedy surrounding the sparks that fly between a Texas cowboy (Duhamel) and a widowed, single mom (Bibb).

“The film is about…sometimes resetting and reassessing life and your perspective on it and going out and living a simpler, more basic life off the land, if you will…There is something about living a little slower pace. Sometimes two people who…find each other in a way they didn’t expect. What I liked about the script is that I felt very, it didn’t feel forced. Two people saw a void in their lives that they didn’t know was there until they met each other…”

– Josh Duhamel

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Leslie Bibb and Josh Duhamel Became Besties

Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb in “The Lost Husband”
Image: Quiver Distribution / Amazon

Leslie and Josh play love interests in their new rom-com “The Lost Husband”, and Josh just couldn’t stop gushing about Leslie.

“I had not worked with Leslie before this…We had a blast. We really did. She is a very talented girl. I got to work with her the rest of the year…October [2018] we started this movie, and then we started on another show on Netflix [“Jupiter’s Legacy”] where she plays my wife in that which took us six months to shoot. I went from not knowing Leslie at all to knowing Leslie very well in a year. I saw her more than her boyfriend [Sam Rockwell], and I love her”.

– Josh Duhamel

Josh Duhamel Finds Freedom with Indie Films

“The Lost Husband” is an independent film that shot in Round Top, TX. While Josh had never worked with the director previously, he instantly “loved” script and met with Vicky.

“I knew it was going to be a fun, collaborative, creative experience. That’s really what you look for in stuff like this. In independent movies, you want to have freedom to just have fun and explore and do things that aren’t necessarily being watched by the studio heads”. That’s the beauty of doing a movie like this.”

– Josh Duhamel

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