Josh Gad Raises Money for Equal Justice Initiative with Ghostbusters interview.

Actor Josh Gad runs a fundraiser show called Reunited Apart on his YouTube channel. In the latest episode, he interviewed the original cast of Ghostbusters. Here is a recap of his recent episode Reunited Apart Ghostbusters Edition.

Before the Interview

Josh Gad opens the episode by announcing that this episode’s Spotlight Charity is Equal Justice Initiative. The sponsor of the episode, Barefoot Wine, had pledged $125,00 to Equal Justice Initiative. He explains the work that Equal Justice Initiative does as well as thanks Barefoot Wine for their generosity. By the end of the episode, they had raised $10,555 from audience donations.

Who You Gonna Call?

Interviewing the Ghostbusters cast

Josh begins by describing in detail his first time seeing the movie Ghostbusters. He called on Zoom director Jason Reitman and his father, Ivan Reitman, who directed the Ghostbusters movie.

Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver, and Annie Potts joined in on the call. After some introductions, they began catching up on life in quarantine. Dan Aykroyd spoke about his experience writing the first draft for Ghostbusters, with help from Bill Murray, Ivan Reitman, and Harold Ramis. Dan reveals that there was a lot of improvising done in the movie.

Sigourney recalls Bill telling her that there is no preparing for acting in a comedy. She revealed that in her audition for the movie, she acted like a dog for a length of time. She later suggested that her character should turn into a dog. Ivan loved the idea, therefore the scene with the dog possession was born. Bill talked about a moment he would never forget; when the cast had Thanksgiving dinner at Ivan’s house. Ivan showed them the ballroom scene from the movie and Bill knew Ghostbusters would be a huge hit.


Jason Reitman recalls his experience of being on set as a child. Dan reveals that about 80% of the movie was improv and the rest was planned structure. Ivan said he was wary of filming the scene with the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man because he did not think the audience would like it. Luckily, it was a favored scene. They all reminisced and told stories of Harold Ramis, Ivan calling him a brother figure.

William Atherton joined the call to discuss his portion of the movie. While talking, Bill Murray reveals that Ed Koch, the mayor of New York City at the time, did not like them at all. In return, Bill did not like Ed and carried his anger at Ed into scenes with William.

Ghostbusters superfan Kumail Nanjiani joins the call to aid Josh in a Ghostbusters famous lines trivia game.

The Series Continuation

There is a Ghostbusters sequel coming in 2021 titled Ghostbusters: Afterlife. It will be directed by Ivan Reitman’s son, Jason Reitman. Josh Gad once again urges viewers to donate and thanks Barefoot Wine for their pledge.

Ray Parker Jr., singer and songwriter, joins in to talk about the writing process of the theme song. He reveals it was difficult to put the name Ghostbusters in the song, but found inspiration from their television advertisement in the movie. He performed the theme song for everyone.

Josh Gad is raising money for the Equal Justice Initiative to stop injustice with his show Reunited Apart. He interviewed the original cast and director of Ghostbusters, as well as talking to the director of the upcoming Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

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