Julia Jones Gives the Inside Scoop on New Film “Think Like A Dog”

Julia Jones has been gracing our screens for many years. In her most recent project, she takes on a new kind of role. We have seen Julia in some of our favorite tv series like The Mandalorian, Goliath, and Westworld. In each, she captivates audiences with her incredible performances. Some fans might even recognize her from her role as Leah Clearwater in the Twilight Saga where she kicks butt in the movie series that will always be iconic. However, in Think Like A Dog she plays the role of a federal agent trying to track down the hacker that forced their way into a private and supposedly impenetrable government system. Little did she and her partner know that the hacker is much younger than they assume.

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Julia says that she was initially drawn to the project because Oliver and Henry’s relationship resembled her experiences with her own childhood dog. The relationship of a child and their family dog is sweet, pure, and oh so fun. This film captured the sweet innocence of childhood along with the trials that young people must face before adulthood. More than anything, it reminds audiences that your dog is right there with you through it all. After saying yes to the movie, she was happy to discover the cast and crew were full of kind people! They had a lot of fun collaborating on this project!

She was such a fun guest to have on the show! We loved getting the inside scoop from a talented actress who has spent much of her life working in Hollywood. Julia Jones hopes that fans receive the uplifting gift of entertainment while watching the film. She also hopes audiences learn from Henry’s wise approach to life that’s all about love for others.

Think Like a Dog
Lionsgate Entertainment- Photographer: Bridget Shoenberger

Julia Jones was also gracious enough to provide hopeful new actors with some important and practical tips. Her character in the movie has a serious job to do, but on set, Julia was always having fun with the cast and crew. They got to travel to a couple of culturally rich and gorgeous cities around the world to film: New Orleans, Louisiana, and Beijing, China. The cast took the opportunity to explore those cities together!

Think Like a Dog
Lionsgate Entertainment- Photographer: Bridget Shoenberger

Julia’s acting resume is incredibly impressive, and we can’t wait to see what she has for her adoring fans next! She has a bright future and often chooses film projects with a lot of heart behind it, which we love. Make sure to check out Julia Jones in Think Like A Dog– available to rent on June 9th!

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