Kansas City Fashion Week Ends On a High Note

by Sarah Scoop

Kansas City Fashion Week concluded last Saturday night and it was every bit as show stopping as you’d expect.  The local talent featured impressive and innovative looks that rivals top designers.

Michael Drummond

Flowing dresses, interesting textures, and bedazzled boots characterized the former Project Runway contestant’s collection on Saturday night.  The timeless pieces left viewers inspired and nostalgic with a modern sentiment.


Designer, Laura McGrew utilizes fresh spring colors, interesting cutouts, and bold stripes in her latest collection.  The athleisure inspired pieces can easily take you from cardio, to conference calls, to cocktail hour.  The ethical designer prides herself on offering top quality pieces by using only the finest fabrics and meticulously monitoring the manufacturing process.

 Barbara Bultman

Bultman absorbs inspiration from all around her.  The innovative designer doesn’t limit her ideas of fashion to runway shows or labels.  She finds inspiration in the sky, in the street, and what’s happening around her.  Her latest collection is inspired by natural energy sources like solar panels and wind mills.  She fittingly named her F/W collection Voltaic 2017.

christianMICHEAL + sHE by ChristianMICHAEL

When christianMICHAEL puts on a show, the energy in the room changes.  It’s an intense, dramatic experience.  His menswear collection featured well-tailored pieces adorned with flowers, however it was the debut of his women’s wear that really stole the show.  Quilted fabrics with silhouettes reminiscent of the 90s made waves as Kansas City Fashion Week concluded.

Georgina Herrera

Even when styled against stunning evening wear, these high end accessories steal the show.  Though the pieces were BIG, it wasn’t their size that made them larger than life.  The chokers as thick as your neck, rings as long as your fingers, and bracelets to put all other bracelets to shame were dramatic and elegant.

House of Cochon

House of Cochon’s collection is hauntingly beautiful.  Onlookers are transported to a gorgeous forest, full of beautiful and terrifying elements.  The collection is dark, mesmerizing, and awe inspiring.  The collection is a work of sublime beauty.  In addition to the dark and beautiful forces of nature, there is some political commentary in the form of large safety pins on most looks.

Lucia’s Sarto

Nataliya Meyer’s first RTW collection is delicate and romantic.  Lacy details, thigh skimming shorts, and graceful silhouettes dominated the collection.  The statement making pieces are masterfully designed for night life enthusiasts seeking designs that are both sophisticated and sexy.

Kansas City Fashion Week gives local, national, and even international designers the opportunity to showcase their abilities and it gives fashion enthusiasts a place to share their passion.  Which runway looks are you most excited to try?

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