Kansas City Fashion Week – Interviews With The Faces of KCFW

Kansas City Fashion Week brings in local, national and international designers from all over to produce premier runway shows. This year’s Kansas City Fashion Week is taking place at union station where designers will be teaming up with stylists, make-up artists, models, photographers to show off their Spring/Summer 2020 collections. KCFW is an exciting time for the KC area.

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One of the models who will be in the show, will walk for the very first time. Scarlett Spaulding is a child model and KCFW will be her first time walking. “I want to walk in the show because it looks like it is really fun and I can show off all my sass,” she says. Finally, her last message to young models wanting to walk in Kansas City Fashion Week is “don’t be scared to show the world. You can do it!”

Kyndra Jade, the owner of My Blonde Ambitions, will be releasing her collection of 15 looks this week at KCFW. This is Kyndra’s first season, who has been designing for 10 years. She was inspired to do the show because it was time to start chasing some new dreams. However, she didn’t feel she had a place at KCFW because she had a different vision of what a fashion designer is. What changed Kyndra’s mind was all the people who encouraged her to chase her dreams. Kyndra says the 15 looks she will show this week, “are my literalist wildest dreams.”

Angelica Chuon is a model walking again this year! She has been modeling for over 10 years and runway is her favorite! Angelica gave her advice is to aspiring models. She said, “Just be yourself and don’t try to be anyone else. Do your thing. Show off what you have!”

For everyone that wants to know what Kansas City Fashion Week is in it for them, the answer is simple. “First, it is just fun. It is a really fun atmosphere. It’s a fun entertainment piece. It’s a great way to get out and do something unique,” said Katie Sellers, Executive Director of KCFW. “Every season is so unique from another one and I think what’s been best about the evolution about fashion week is how much bigger it has gotten.”

Kansas City Fashion Week is a unique event. This is the biggest event for Kansas City from a fashion prospective! It’s a way for the locals from Kansas City or even someone 100 miles away to connect with the KC’s arts community.

Get tickets!!

The breakdown for runway shows is below. I am so excited to attend and hope to see you there. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet you can get 20% off your tickets when you use code: SARAHSCOOP20

  • Wednesday, September 18th- 6pm-9pm – Runway Show – The Grand Hall at Union Station
  • Thursday, September 19th- 6pm-9pm- Runway Show- The Grand Hall at Union Station
  • Friday, September 20th- 6pm-10pm- Runway Show- The Grand Hall at Union Station
  • Saturday, September 21st- 6pm-10pm- Runway Show- The Grand Hall at Union Station 

For more information on Kansas City Fashion Week, please check out kcfashionweek.com!!

Again, use code SARAHSCOOP20 for 20% off your tickets


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