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Kathryn Dunn Shares the Scoop on CBS’ “Big Brother” + Who She is Rooting for This Season

Kathryn (Kat) Dunn from CBS’ Big Brother gives the scoop on her experience being on the beloved show, what is going on in her life now, and who she is rooting for in the new season.

Watch the full video interview here:

Her Experience & Advice

After being on the show and now knowing a lot more about the best way to go about it, Kat reflects on what the game that she played. She also shares advice that she would give to newcomers.

“I am proud of the game that I played and I think if I were to go back I would probably play a similar game, but better…I was a floater.”

-Kathryn Dunn

“If you want to be on the the show…it goes behind watching it. A lot of the strategy is on live feeds…just study as much as you can.”

-Kathryn Dunn

This Season

With the current season of Big Brother underway, Kat talks who she thinks as a chance of winning, and who she is rooting for. She even touches on what makes certain players better off than others.

“I am rooting for a lot of people. It’s more of who I am not rooting for.” I’m rooting for the people that I know personally.”

-Kathryn Dunn

“I think that Tyler is playing a winning game…I really think he is such a mastermind when it comes to the game…Also, I think bailey is in a really good position to win.”

-Kathryn Dunn

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