Katie Thurston Shades The Bachelorette Contestant

Last night was wild for Bachelor Nation! Episode 2 of The Bachelorette features drama and Katie says goodbye to someone she no longer trusts.

Thanks to insight from E! News, here is the scoop on Katie shading one of The Bachelorette contestants!

Katie Thurston Bids Cody Goodbye

Katie Thurston

In the season premiere, Katie Thurston meets 30 guys who are here to find love. Or are they? After episode 2, Katie is not sure that all of the guys are on the show for the right reasons.

In episode 1, Cody steps out of the limo and impresses Katie by introducing himself similarly to how she introduced herself to Matt James on The Bachelor.

Cody exits the limo and then tells Katie he wants her to meet someone who’s “been a huge part of my life, helped through a lot.” Then, Cody introduces Katie to his inflatable doll named Sandy.

However, this episode also shows a mysterious conflict between Cody and Aaron, with Aaron telling Cody “I don’t like you, bro. Like, I’ve never liked you.”

(ABC/Craig Sjodin) AARON, CODY

In episode 2, the plot thickens. Katie brings the guys on a mud-wrestling group date where Aaron and Cody face-off and Aaron claims victory. Katie then questions him about the obvious tension between him and Cody, and Aaron explains that they know each other from outside the show.

Aaron claims that Cody is only on the show to “become famous” and calls him “malicious.” Upset, Katie later confronts Cody about the situation and she describes his reaction as “rehearsed.” Feeling that she can no longer trust him, she sends Cody home.

Katie Claps Back

Katie Thurston
Katie Thurston. (ABC/Andrew Eccles)

It seems that the bachelorette has no regrets about her decision to give Cody the boot. During the episode, she tweeted a GIF of Jim from The Office holding an inflatable doll with the caption, “Please take Sandy with you.” She also added a peace sign emoji.

Clearly, Katie is happy with her decision to send Cody packing. As she told the other contestants at the cocktail party, “I am not here to waste my time.”

Since there is no rose ceremony in the episode, Cody is the only guy who gets sent home. Who do you think Katie will give a rose to next week?

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