Katie Thurston Talks Meeting Blake Moynes Before The Bachelorette

After the premiere of Katie Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette, fans cannot wait to see what happens next! After the episode, we get a closer look at what to expect this season. We see lots of kisses, tears, laughs, and even hear Katie saying, “I am done. I am done. I am done.”

One unexpected surprise of the season is that we will also see Blake Moynes from Clare and Tayshia’s season!

Thanks to an Us Weekly exclusive, here is the scoop on Katie meeting Blake Moynes and him surprising her on The Bachelorette!

Katie’s Bachelorette Journey

The Bachelorette Tayshia, Katie, Kaitlyn

Season 17 of The Bachelorette features Katie Thurston on her journey to find love. Following Chris Harrison’s official departure from Bachelor Nation, along the way co-hosts and former bachelorettes Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe offer Katie support.

Bachelor Nation stars often face tough decisions and unexpected situations throughout their season. They have to deal with drama between contestants and sometimes surprise guests arrive.

Katie is understandably shocked when Blake Moynes surprises her on set of The Bachelorette. Remembering the moment she says, “I definitely knew who he was,” and adds that Moynes is “also Tayshia’s ex-boyfriend! So that’s weird.”

Katie also explains that she and Blake are not total strangers. She says, “We had chatted before, but usually what happens is, like, the guys will reach out to the women once they’re eliminated and be like, ‘Good luck, you did great.’ Like very generic, you know? And so to see him, I was like, ‘Why is he here?’ Like, ‘What’s happening?’”

Katie also jokes about Blake’s fate on the show. Responding to a question about Blake joining her season she says, “I mean, we have to see if that’s even why he’s there. Like I said, he’s Tayshia’s ex-boyfriend, so I don’t know what’s happening.”

Blake Moynes’ Bachelorette Journey

The Bachelorette Clare and Blake

Blake appears on season 16 of The Bachelorette. He meets Clare Crawley before she leaves the show engaged to Dale Moss, and he then decides to stay and take a chance with new bachelorette Tayshia Adams.

Blake shares that he had feelings for both Clare and Tayshia during the season. After his elimination, he told Us Weekly, “The connection [I had with Tayshia] was very slow. But every time that we’d make a step, I think I opened her eyes more and more and more. And I think you saw that a couple of times, like, ‘Every time I talk to Blake, he shows a different side of him.’ And that’s what happened. I think she had her guard up just like she said at the Men Tell All, I walked in with a red flag over my head [because I had feelings for Clare too].”

The Bachelorette Tayshia and Blake

Moynes further reveals that, “If it was Tayshia from the beginning, I think my story would have been a little bit different. It was tough because I felt, like, even emotionally, I could feel it, like, she could see something there. And it was so frustrating to get in the limo and be like, ‘There’s something here but you’re just not letting it happen.’ And that was the most unfortunate.”

While Blake and Tayshia do not work out and she is now with her fiance Zac Clark, maybe Katie Thurston will be the one!

Even before Katie Thurston’s season premiere, fans talked about how Blake and Katie both have fun personalities, saying that they would make a good couple. Also, back in April Blake was spotted in New Mexico where Katie’s season is filmed, so it is not a huge surprise that we will see him this season.

Does Blake show up for a chance to win Katie’s heart? Will she turn him away or give him a chance? We will have to tune in to The Bachelorette next week and see!

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