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Kayla Wallace Talks “When Calls the Heart”

Kayla Wallace of Hallmark’s “When Calls The Heart” gives The Sarah Scoop Show a little inside look on her life as she plays the character, Fiona.

Touching on topics such as how she stumbled upon the job, her favorite parts about it, and even a little sneak peek to the upcoming season.

Here’s the scoop from Kayla Wallace on Fiona and “When Calls the Heart.”

Finding Fiona

Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

Everyone gets their start somewhere. Kayla Wallace’s journey started and is currently continuing on The Hallmark Channel. Her first role in ” Once Upon A Prince” was the base to her career.

Continuing after that, she wrapped another film. When heading to work her normal restaurant job, she received the email from her agent asking “Can you be at this audition tomorrow morning?”

Finding an outfit that really represents the character was first on the list. But the true struggle happened when the French she had to speak in a scene caused her to think she tanked her audition.

Less than 24 hours is what she was given to truly embody this character. Only two days later she was chosen and on set to begin her first day.

Where We Left Off

Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: David Dolsen

At the end of Season 7 Wallace states “It looks like Fiona is headed out of Hope Valley.” She then discusses her representation of being a strong woman. Referencing how her character was mistreated by one of her superiors and when she stood up for herself she ended up being fired.

With her whole life revolving around work, and having been fired, it leaves viewers wondering “What will she do now?” Leaving us all with a cliffhanger, Kayla states she’s “excited for us all to see what she does!”

Sneak Peak into Season 8

Credit: ©2020 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Kayla Wallace gives insight into Fiona’s future. Without revealing too much, she shares that “Fiona is starting a new journey.” Viewers are going to get to see a different side of her.

Though different, Wallace thinks it will be great for everyone to see this new part of her life. This change will come from bonding with other characters and forming new friendships throughout the episodes.

In an interview with MyDevotionalThoughts , she states “Fiona might be opening up her eyes to the more personal intimate parts of her life.”

February 21 is the release date of the new season! Kayla Wallace can’t wait to reveal to us this new journey.

Be sure to watch the full interview! What are your hopes for Fionas new beginnings?

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