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Keeping Your Home Protected: The To-Do List

When you are a homeowner, you have to keep your home protected. This is part of what you agree to when you take on a mortgage, and it’s quite different from the tasks you would be responsible for when you are renting instead. As a homeowner, everything falls to you.

And this makes sense; after all, you want your home to be a comfortable space where you can relax. You want it to be a sanctuary where you can enjoy your life. Many people want it to be a good investment for the future. So it should be taken care of. Read on to discover a useful to-do list that may help you put a plan together to tackle the jobs you have to do. 

Living Room

The Weekly Tasks

Not all tasks need to be done every week, but the ones that give the most immediate protection to your home should be. To keep your home looking in tip-top condition, you should:

  • Vacuum all your carpets every week. This will prevent the dirt and grime that can be brought inside from becoming ingrained into the carpet itself, which will then require a much deeper clean to remove. Make sure you clean the corners too, otherwise dust and dirt will collect there. 
  • Clean your bathroom from top to bottom, including the tiles. Ironically, although this is the room in which you get clean, it’s also the room that gets the dirtiest most quickly, and therefore is the one that you should clean thoroughly every week. Change the towels while you’re in there too. 
  • Do small jobs around the house. You might notice that a drawer is loose or a bulb needs changing, for example. If you can’t fix these issues there and then, put aside an hour or so a week to make small repairs. 

The Monthly Tasks 

Cleaning your house every week is a great idea and one that you should certainly carry out. However, some other tasks don’t have to be done quite so often. You might choose to do them on the last weekend of each month, for example, and you can add the date to your diary to remind you that it’s time to:

  • Clean the hood to your oven or stove. The filters in these items will need to be changed or cleaned regularly, and although they won’t need this job done weekly, checking them monthly will help. 
  • Polish the wood. Wooden floors and furniture can become dull and even damaged over time. By polishing them every month, you can keep them looking their best but not run the risk of ruining them through too much cleaning (which is something that can easily happen). 
  • While you are polishing, you can also dust the light fixtures.
  • Check your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors

The Annual Tasks 

Some tasks only have to be done on an annual basis, perhaps because they need to be carried out to coincide with the change of seasons or a weather event. These include:

  • Using a commercial carpet cleaner. Although you will be vacuuming the carpets every week, cleaning them more thoroughly once a year is a great way to keep your home fresh. 
  • Clean the gutters. This should be done as winter settles in. If you don’t clean the gutters, your home can be subject to water damage, which can cause a lot of problems. If this has already happened, Smart Water Damage can help. 
  • Declutter the home. Go through all your possessions, including your clothes, and throw out anything you no longer need.
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