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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Her Orders at 3 Popular Fast Food Stops

We all like keeping up with them and we certainly wouldn’t mind looking like them.  Those Kardashian girls are health focused and it shows.  If you’re a follower of Khloe Kardashian on social media you know she is committed to looking and feeling good.  But, that doesn’t stop her from grabbing fast food from time to time.

In a new post on her blog, Khloé  admitted she has to mix up her strict diet from time to time. “Even though clean eating is my M.O., sometimes I find myself in situations where there just isn’t an avocado smoothie or quinoa salad on the menu. When your only options are the Golden Arches or Colonel Sanders, you don’t have to throw your whole diet out the window!”

So what does she order when she finds herself at the drive thru, according to People  KoKo has this fast food thing figured out.  Check out her smart options:


What to order: Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich (360 calories)

Why?: “This sandwich is relatively low in calories and scores high on the protein scale, which should keep you feeling more full for longer.”

Taco Bell

What to order: 2 chicken soft tacos from their healthier fresco menu (350 calories)

Why?: “All the items [on the fresco menu] are flavored with super flavorful low-calorie, fat-free pico de gallo.”


What to order: Kentucky Grilled Chicken Breast with sweet kernel corn and green beans (310 calories)

Why?: “This combo is high in lean protein and even provides vitamins A, C and E from the veggie sides. I promise it’s still ‘finger-lickin’ good’—and at just 310 calories you won’t break the bank!”

Next time you find yourself grabbing food on the fly, ask yourself…what would Khloe order?

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