Kohl’s Asked and I Said YES! #FindYourYes

I could hardly believe it was real life when I opened an email from Kohl’s a few weeks ago asking me if I wanted to attend the Academy of Country Music Awards show with members of their social media team.  Of course, it was scheduled on the same weekend that Go Blog Social, a blogging and social media conference I co-founded was taking place. I’d been planning the conference for months, but I still said YES to opportunity.  Kohl’s was extremely flexible and worked with my schedule.  I was exhausted, but flew out for the show Saturday night after the conference.

Saying YES to this opportunity was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  Life is full of endless opportunities to say “yes.” Each day presents a chance to define yourself and decide what you stand for, even if it’s only by making little choices. Because how you present yourself to the world can change how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about yourself can change how you feel about others. What will make you say “yes” today? Yes to new experiences. Yes to new possibilities. Yes to being more playful, more relaxed and more present.


I was beyond excited after I said yes to Kohl’s.  First things first, I went shopping to find my perfect outfit.  You check out my entire look here.  I am an avid Kohl’s shopper so I knew it would be easy to find the perfect outfit to wear.  Then, the communication started with the Kohl’s team and I received my travel arrangements.  At this point I was jumping up and down excited!! So happy I had said yes!


I am obsessed with awards shows and listen to country music every single day.  This opportunity could not have been more perfect for me.  But, it never would have happened if I didn’t have the courage to say yes.  I have to admit I was a little nervous to fly out to Las Vegas and attend an awards show by myself.  But, once I got there and met the Kohl’s social media team I knew the night would be everything I could have imagined. Sometimes you have to ask yourself, “Do you want to be the person who looks at life and says “no”? Or who looks at life and says “sure, why not?”


I am happy to say this experience has made me realize even more the importance of forgoing any fear and saying yes to life and the possibilities it has.  I am just like all of you, a normal person who is getting to experience amazing opportunities in life because I say yes to them.  I am so excited to share more information about Kohl’s mission in helping people everywhere say yes to the unimaginable.

At Kohl’s, they believe Yes is a choice, one that we make every day. They want to help you and your family say yes to all the amazing possibilities life holds. Show your true colors! Say yes to floral wall art, fashion and fun! Say yes to new patterns and trends! Say yes to living life boldly! From bold dresses to fresh wicker furniture, #FindYourYes at Kohl’s!

Check back tomorrow for a post with some of the country music celebrities I met on the red carpet. 🙂

Disclosure:  I was supplied with travel expenses and a trip to the ACM’s with Kohls.  However, all opinions are and always will be my own.

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  1. What an inspiring article and an amazing experience! In order to receive such a wonderful opportunity as that you must work hard, this is proof that your hard work has been very rewarding. Congrats! Love the dress as well :).

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