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Kristen Stewart to Play Princess Diana in The Film “Spencer”

Director Pablo Larraín just announced in an interview with Deadline that Kristen Stewart will star as Princess Diana in Spencer, a drama film about Diana’s decision to part from Prince Charles and her royal life.

Premise and Poduction

The movie will cover a span of three important days in Princess Diana’s life, during her last Christmas’s at the Sandringham estate as a member of the royal family. It will show how Princess Diana grappled with her identity and well-being, and why she divorced Prince Charles. As of now, production for Spencer looks like it will begin sometime in early 2021.

Casting of Princess Diana

Some people are hesitant about the idea of the casting of a non-British actress as Princess Diana. However, director Pablo Larraín has confidence that Kristen Stewart is the right choice for the part. In an interview with Deadline, Larraín stated that Stewart is “very mysterious and very fragile” and “very strong,” making her perfect for this role.

While these two women might seem different on the surface, they may have more in common than meets the eye. During Stewart’s Twilight fame, she became a well-known face and had a lot of experience dealing with the press when she was just eighteen. Princess Diana became an icon all around the world when she married Prince Charles at the age of twenty. They both had famous relationships that were highly publicized when they ended as well.

We are intrigued to watch Kristin Stewart portray Princess Diana, and see what new perspective we get on her story in the film Spencer.

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