150 Kung Fu Panda 3 Netflix Movie Quotes

In “Kung Fu Panda 3,” Po faces challenges as he trains pandas to defeat a wicked warrior, Kai. Here’s the scoop on Kung Fu Panda 3 quotes!

These quotes highlight Po’s humor, determination, and growth as he navigates these challenges.

They show his willingness to learn, his sense of duty, and his bond with his companions.

Po’s journey teaches him the value of teamwork, friendship, and facing obstacles with courage.

animated panda practicing kung fu

Overall, the quotes reflect the themes of growth, friendship, and perseverance that are central to the movie.

Kung Fu Panda Quotes

1.”What was her name?”

2. “Will you stop it, Veruca?”

3. “Careful with that. our work is not done.”

4. “Just having a bit of fun.”

5. “You look lost. Wouldn’t be, if you point us toward the Lotus?”

6. “Lotus? What is that?”

7. “This is our river, that’s our bridge, and this is our mountain pass, and nobody crosses it without paying a fee.”

8. “How about that pretty glove? You want the glove, do you? You’ve got it.”

9. “That silly bear probably wandered into a ditch.”

10. “Broke her legs. Needs my help. That’s why she should’ve waited for.”

11. “You know, former Dragon master.”

12. “I was gonna show you my secret way through the Kai  Yu River Pass, remember?”

13. “I said I was leaving in the morning. the sun rose three hours ago.”

14. “My morning usually starts around 11.”

15. “I guess the sun rises earlier in England or something.”

16. “That’s not how the sun works.”

17. “I can still help you.”

18. “The panda I just watched trip down an entire mountain?”

19.“That wasn’t my fault. it’s this thumb. It’s got a mind of its own.”

20. “Hmm I dunno, maybe it’s asleep or something.”

21. “You’ve been hiking for three hours and I caught up to you in one.”

22. “You may show me your shortcut.”

23. “So like, if we are gonna partner up-we’re not partners.”

24. “You can teach me how to be a knight, and I can teach you hung fu, and then we can become kung fu knights.”

25. “Knights of kung Fu?Kung foots?”

26. “Hm. I’m workshopping it.”

27. “It takes years. you start as a knight page.”

28. “If you’re lucky, you’re promoted to squire.”

29. “Maybe, If you’ve managed a heroic deed, they’ll recommend you to the Queen for knighthood.”

30. “So how do I become a page?”

31. “That’s kinda my whole thing. I’m pretty impressed.”

32. “I’m not concerned with tasty-Try this. my dad’s world-famous red chili crisp.”

33. “Don’t put your grubby paws near it, This sword was forged with the Black steel of the Equinox.”

34. “Black steel of the Equinox. I don’t know what that means but it sounds awesome.”

35. “Black steel of the Equinox isn’t fun. it’s the same metal sir Galaham the brooding used to forge his axe, Bone kisser.”

36. “There was an axe called Bone Kisser?”

37. “Sir Rabbit of Devon had a bow so strong it could fire an arrow through ten of her enemies at once, like butter.”

38. “They’ve used their dark powers to manipulate their way into society. Only recently did the knights discover their plans and banish them from England. But not until after Klaus and Veruca infiltrated the queen’s inner circle, and made an attempt on her life, destroying any who stood in their path.”

39. “The queen survived and Veruca was captured.”

40. “The Klaus eventually freed his sister and fled here, and now I know why.”

41. “The gauntlet. with its power, I fear they will tear through England’s Defenses, leaving a river of carnage right to the palace doors.”

42. “You see now why I cannot wait?”

43. “Why must I stop them before they leave these shores?”

44. “Guiding me on your shortcut, so I refrain from boiling your innards for my next cup of tea?”

45. “Me, a knight’s page, serving you and your very long name.”

46. “It’s Lutheran of Landreth, the wandering Blade, Daughter of the Saxon Guard, knight of England.”

47. “That’s Like half a day saying that.”

48. “If I’m gonna be your page, can I just call you wandering Blade? or WB? That’s pretty good.”

49. “If you were going to be my page, you would have to scrub my boots, carry my gear, and make camp.”

50. “If necessary, a page will give their life for their knight.”

51. “You would have to scrub my boots, carry my gear, make camp.”

52. “If necessary, a page will give their life for their knight.”

53. “I can totally do some of that. I almost die all the time!”

54. “You may start by carrying my helmet.”

55. “I’m so gonna impress you, just you watch.” 

56. “If you really want to be my page, you need to stop messing around with silly shortcuts and get me to this ri–”

57. “You didn’t think it was worth mentioning that this river is made of lava?”

58. “It’s pretty intense. Don’t worry, there’s a bridge right over there.”

59. “The bridge is gone, but hey, at least we know for a fact they came this way!”

60. “It’s one of them gauntlet craters!”

61. “I’m running out of time, we are running out of time.”

62. “Come on! If we don’t stick together, how am I supposed to impress?”

63. “You stopped me in Wankun, as far as I know, you took us the long way so you could go vegetable picking, and now I’m stuck on the wrong side of a lava river because your secret way across was to take the bridge!”

64. “We’re stuck on the wrong side of a lava river.”

65. “You kinda gotta get used to saying “we”.

66. “There is no “we”.

67. “I never said the bridge was my secret way across!”

68. “What are you do– what are you doing?”

69. “Just trying to summon some inner peace here, If you could just give me half a sec.”

70. “I’m the river, I the rock, po the page.”

71. “This little piggy went to market, this little piggy on fire, this little piggy got roasted..”

72. “Kung Fu! I did have a life before I was your page, you know.”

73. “Tie it to that tree trunk.”

74. “I saw you walk the tightrope yesterday, you can totally make this.”

75. “Where are you going to tie it?”

76. “Oh, come on! It II be my first charge as your page.”

77. “You sure you are strong enough?”

78. “You have trust issues.”

79. “I have “you” issues.”

80. “Everything okay over there? Oh, yeah. No sweat.”

80. “My arm just, uh, you know, fell asleep.”

81. “Kidding.Just a joke.”

82. “No, no, you aren’t pranking me.”

83. “Though I suppose that’s not your name anymore.”

84. “We all heard about your little tumble from grace.”

85. “I kinda put him in jail a few years ago for hijacking the old Emperor’s new wagon.”

86. “All to impress a girl. I got this covered.”

87. “Oh, jeez, I’m sorry to hear that.”

88. “Yeah, she wanted a bigger house! And it’s, like,” I’m trying my best here, Dai-Tai!”

89. “She’s like, “We live in a literal hole in the wall!”

90. “You know there’s a fee for crossing our river.”

91. “Since we have history and all, I’ll give you a friends and family discount.”

92. “There’s nothing to worry about! They’re giving us-whoa. Interesting discount.”

93. “We’ll take the sword!”

94. “Stop moving! I’m doing my best over here!”

95. “Maybe we just give them the sword? No one touches my sword.”

96. “It’s too heavy! you’re strong enough!”

97. “Do not drop that rope!”

98. “As your page, that wasn’t my fault.”

99. “The rope just broke. Will you shut it and run?”

100. “You better turn and run.”

101. “This is the tail end of your story.”

102. “I’ll hold them back.-Yoink!”

103. “Now we are even, Dragon master.”

104. “I’ll get the Black steel of the Equinox after I take care of these guys.”

105. “It’s called Lutheran Shield, and no one touches it but me.”

106. “Your sword is named Lutheran shield?”

107. “It’s a sword!”

108. It guards me. Like a shield.”

109. “Getting my sword back, before he gets away with it.”

110. “Is this what you are after? Come and get it.”

111. “Blade, come on. Soloing isn’t working out. Let’s do this together.”

112. “I mean, what’s the worst that can happen? We fall into a little lava, maybe we die.”

113. “Maybe we do something heroic!”

114. “As knight and page!”

115. “When we catch you, we’re taking back the Black steel of the Equinox!”

116. “This thing is black steel?”

117. “I’m gonna be rich!”

118. “And then Dai-Tai will have to take me back!”

119. “Nice try, Dragon master, but there’s always more lizards.”

120. “The former Dragon master!”

121. “Whoa, what? Sorry, Jim! Sorry, Ralph! And sorry, mom!”

122. “Can you take it easy on me?”

123. “What makes you think this story is based on the Tianshang weapons?”

124. “Pom-No it wasn’t me. it’s the thumb.”

125. “The thumb wakes up when they use the gauntlet.”

126. “Seems safe to say.”

127. “Look like you kinda do need me.”

128. “I do need your thumb.”

129. “You must have had a story you read as a kid that’s followed you your whole life.”

130. “All that stuff, talking, sharing things with each other, that’s what friends do.”

131. “Uh, guys, this is all a big misunderstanding. I’m trying to save China. I’m trying to do my job.”

132. “I can’t believe she left me. we’ve been working together, like..three full days, and hit one little snag and she just ditches me?”

133. “I’m a fantastic partner. a top-notch travel buddy.”

134. “Everyone deserves a chance.”

135. “Stop it or I’ll slice off your fingers and toss them into a well.”

136. “You think you are so perfect with your noble mission and deep dark secrets. You think you are better than everyone.”

137. “I give up. we’ve been speaking different languages all day. I won’t teach you another.”

138. “That reminds me actually, of a saying: “Holding on to anger is letting anger hold on to you.”

139. “Meaning is in the eye of the beholder.”

140. “Do you really think we can just ask the universe, and the city will appear right here?”

141. “The obstacle is the path.”

142. “The monster isn’t guarding the city, the monster is the city!”

143. “Hope you skipped breakfast, cause you’re about to have a big lunch.”

144. “Fall backward and trust the river of life…”

145. “I didn’t mean to belittle the devotion you have put into your duties here.”

146. “I have seen what power can do when it lands in the wrong hands.”

147. “Maybe if we show her how awesome we are by getting out of this creepy dungeon, she might pass the whip down to us.”

148.  “Should you fail to escape, I imagine you will be echoing missed.”

149. “You are not the protector of the whip. you are not from the lost city.”

150. “For the maiden fair, my heart does beat.”

Memorable Quotes

Kung Fu Panda 3 delivers not only thrilling martial arts action and heartwarming moments but also a treasure trove of memorable quotes that resonate long after the credits roll.

Each line captures the essence of the characters and the themes of the movie, reminding us of the importance of friendship, perseverance, and self-discovery.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration, laughter, or a dose of nostalgia, the quotes

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