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“Labor of Love” Star Kristy Katzmann Gives the Scoop on Wanting to Start a Family

The Sarah Scoop Show talked with Kristy Katzmann from Fox’s hit reality show Labor of Love. Kristy told us all about her process of joining the show, standing in her own power, COVID-19, and more. She is such an inspiration and gives some great advice to women everywhere. Watch the full interview below or listen to the podcast here:

Being a Part of the Show

Kristy was open to trying something new and embracing it. She saw it as a journey that she was meant to be a part of.

“I was in the process of looking into [starting a family] when the show kinda came across my plate.”

“For me, I didn’t see a better way to date for the timeline I was on…I really felt that this was meant to be part of my journey.”

“[As of ] now, it’s been a year really since we wrapped the show and that journey has just continued for me on from there.”

– Kristy Katzmann

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Starting a Family

It was already late in her life and her timeline for starting a family. This didn’t stop Kristy from continuing to strive for her goal. SheDont knew she wanted kids and someone to share them with and saw this as an opportunity to maybe get this.

“I always knew that I wanted to become a mom, I really did, and I always knew that it would probably happen a little later for me because I was very focused on my career and that was important to me: I traveled the world, there was a lot of things that I wanted to do. But I did not think that it would take as long as it did.”

“I really did not have time to waste.”

“[At that point], it felt like really my last chance to maybe make the right connection with someone to start a family with before I move forward on my own.”

– Kristy Katzmann

Embracing the Process

Kristy definitely proved to have made the most out of the experience. She made sure to embrace the show and continues to embrace the journey that her life throws her way.

“I was really just putting a lot of trust in the process, and I kinda had to let go a little bit and just be open to what was there and what was happening.”

“The journey in a lot of ways has just started for me.”

“I [really] have no regrets…it was my last push and made a lot of sense.”

– Kristy Katzmann

Advice to Women

With her experience, Kristy was sure to leave some advice for women. She gave great advice that all women should listen to and consider.

“My number one advice…if you know you want to wait, freeze your eggs”

“If you know you want something, you really have to be open to how things are unfolding in your life and be open to the opportunities that you do have to pursue the things that you want”

– Kristy Katzmann

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