Laura LaFrate Gives Behind the Scenes Look at Her Time on America’s Next Top Model

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted with model Laura LaFrate about her experience on cycle 18 of America’s Next Top Model. She gave us a detailed look about what a day on the show looks like between outrageous photo shoots to traveling the globe! LaFrate also caught us up on her life after the show, and her relationship now with her former castmates.

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

Cycle 18

LaFrate gave us the behind the scenes scoop on what it was like being on America’s Next Top Model. She mentioned how vigorous each day would be as the girls were told not to speak after being mic’d up, leading to lots of built up drama. It was also surprising to hear that host Tyra Banks was not as relevant to the girl’s as the show makes us believe. Considering she was too busy with other endeavours LaFrate said they would only see her during the eviction ceremony and the occasional check in on the house.

ic: instagram @llafrate

“You are dealing with everything internally you can’t tell anyone or express it so it was a whole different world for me.”

-Laura Lafrate

Life After The Show

Since leaving the reality world, LaFrate continued pursuing modeling roles as well as beginning some new endeavours. She moved out to Mexico the past seven years and working as a model there for brands such as Vogue and Marie Claire. Yet, her current passion has become writing. She recently published her first children’s book titled: “Please Don’t Grow Up Too Fast.”

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“Modeling is a very demanding career when it comes to traveling. I really enjoy being creative more on my own than doing all of the photoshoots and living that lifestyle.”

-Laura Lafrate

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