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Laura Prepon is a Mom Boss

The Sarah Scoop team just attended an awesome press event to celebrate Laura Prepon, of “That 70’s Show” and “Orange is the New Black” fame, and her new groundbreaking book, “You and I, as Mothers: A Raw and Honest Guide to Motherhood“. Laura gave us the scoop on her upbringing, how she and her family are handling quarantine, and crazy impersonations that occurred on the set of “That 70’s Show”. Don’t forget to read her new book!

Image: Abrams Books

Laura and Mom Maintenance During Social Distancing

Without being able to receive normal grooming services at salons due to COVID19, Laura, like most moms, is having to figure out how to not look like a sasquatch. Of course, she still manages to be effortlessly beautiful despite having just given birth!

“With a newborn anyway, it’s all kind of you know, like my nails are terrible, everything. That kind of upkeep went out the window. But I feel like as a new mom, that stuff kind of goes out the window anyway. But year, any of that stuff is not happening…but we’re all in the same boat. We’re all going to have crazy roots and jagged nails…it’s a situation.”

– Laura Prepon

Laura’s Amazing Advice to Actors

Image: Netflix / YouTube

As everyone from all occupations trys to figure out how to cope during the coronavirus crisis, Laura had some great advice for actors in particular. According to Laura, just because you can’t be on set or going on auditions doesn’t mean you have to waste your valuable time stuck at home.

“For me, I like to choose something I can really hone in on and get really good at…If there’s something that you’ve found in your acting when you’re on set that you’ve been struggling with. Like maybe it’s a particular accent…or you’re trying to write a project that you’re stuck on because we’re all making so much of our own content these days. I would say try to take this time to be creative…Do a Master Class. I love Master Class!”

– Laura Prepon

Laura’s Vulnerability Leads to Honesty

Image: Laura Prepon’s Official Instagram Account

As a major source of inspiration for her new book, Laura experienced so many emotions during the birth of her daughter. She wanted to provide information and resources to other mothers who endure the same feelings.

“When I had my first baby, I had so much post-partum anxiety, I mean, I write all about it in the book. I was a complete mess. I could take care of myself, my family. Everything I felt was a threat to my child. I was grinding my jaw so much that I chipped my tooth in the middle of the night…I was a complete stress case which is not me, that’s not my personality at all. I couldn’t believe how much my hormones had a hold of me. Because I had gone through all that and came out the other end, I realized that okay, there are ways I can get a handle on this. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to write the book, because I was struggling so much. My husband was like you can’t be the only one dealing with this.”

– Laura Prepon

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Laura Laughs as Often as Possible During Quarantine

A natural comedienne, Laura has made audiences laugh since the ’90s. But we wanted to find out what made her laugh, especially during the world’s current health crisis. Maybe we could all use some laughs from watching reruns of “That ’70s Show”!

“It’s insane. This is unprecedented. We’ve never seen this in our lifetimes. Staying informed causes so much stress and anxiety, and I don’t want my children to feel that. We honestly just try to find levity when we can, you know, laugh whenever we can. And just try to have some kind of lightness because if you don’t, it’s just so much doom. My husband makes me laugh a lot that’s cool. “

– Laura Prepon

Laura Suggests Watching “Ridiculous” “Tiger King” During Isolation

When asked what makes her laugh, Laura instantly thought of uber popular Netflix show. Her thoughts were a little different that Josh Duhamel who calls “Tiger King” an “Idiot”.

“Even watching something like “Tiger King” or whatever, something so ridiculous.

– Laura Prepon

Laura’s Relationship with Her Mom is, well, Complicated

Laura is a mother of a two year old daughter and a new born baby boy, so she is in full mommy mode right now. However, she plans on parenting in a very different way than her mother did.

“Because I have such a complicated relationship with my mother, I feel like so many of can relate…we all came from a mother figure, we all came from that individual. We all have a relationship, or not, with that person which affects us…For me, having to go back and really look at how I was mothered and how it affects me, not only as a mother but as a person…it affects the communication you’re putting out into the world…That was a really big thing for me…There’s amazing things, and there’s a lot of disfunction, and I get to choose what I pass down to my kids or put out into the world. And that’s something that really stuck with me…My mom walked to the beat of her own drum, and as a kid, I was literally like why can’t we be normal? As I’ve grown up, I realize that I’m so glad I had an unconventional upbringing.”

– Laura Prepon

Laura Misses Topher’s “Back to the Future” Impressions

Who could forget the iconic characters from Laura’s beloved show “That ’70s Show”? They felt like our besties and still do thanks so reruns. Now is the perfect time to do a little binge watching of the entire series. Laura has super fond memories of her time on set with the cast.

“They were really funny. Topher and Wilmer were just so, Wilmer can do the most perfect impression of anybody which would just make us laugh all day. Topher pretty much impersonated Michael J. Fox from “Back to the Future”. That was his whole thing…And we would honestly just hang out and laugh, and that I really miss.”

– Laura Prepon

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