Lean Into Lockdown Weight Loss With These Tips

Quarantine 15 – have you heard of this phrase yet? Everyone is talking about it because it refers to the weight gained during lockdown. It has a name, and it sucks because while we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, who cares what weight you are? The world is in crisis and weight is hardly an important topic. 

However. In saying that, if you are unhappy with the weight you are gaining in this lockdown period, you need to consider that you may want to workout and eat better to feel good on the inside. Staying on course with your health goals may be a priority for you, and that’s perfectly fine. It’s also fine if you want to eat all the Oreos while you worry about your job. So, with this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how you can lean into lockdown weight loss and feel good by the time quarantine is over.

Meal Prep

You’ve got more time than usual right now, especially if you don’t have children running around your feet. With this extra time, you can start learning how to properly prepare your meals. Meal prep helps you to learn portion control, and it helps you to balance your meals. There are always days where you can’t be bothered to cook or prepare, so with meal prep done once a week, you can have everything ready in the refrigerator to heat and eat without waiting around.

Slow Down Snacking

It’s so easy to reach for the Oreos – they’re so good, you can’t help it. However, snacking on high-calorie options is only a good idea in moderation. You need a good balance, and you can’t find that when you’re shoving down the Double Stuffed by the packet. So, you need to stock up the fruit bowls and prepare homemade dips for veggie sticks. Preparation of your snacks starts with healthy options, but do throw in a few packs of chips. You don’t have to cut things out: you just have to have balance.

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

You need to keep drinking water. It’s tempting to turn your nightly glass of wine with dinner into a bottle out of stress, or you can manage your hydration. Drinking water during the day is going to keep you feeling healthier no matter what you do. It’s a vital tool in weight loss, as it helps you to flush everything out of your body.

Workout At Home

Just because you can’t get to the gym doesn’t mean that you have to start ignoring your workouts. Looking into sandbag workouts from home will help you to find something that gets your heart going and improves your strength at the same time. Working out at home is going to help you to maintain your physique, keep you lean and flood you with happy hormones that are going to make you feel great!


Most people don’t realise that they need to sleep to be able to lose weight. Sleep is going to help you to repair, to heal, to digest and to rest your body enough to want to exercise. Sleep helps you to avoid the hunger hormones that are often out of control, and enough of it can boost your metabolism and energy levels. 

Enjoy Healthy Takeout

You’re going to be tempted to order takeout food, especially on the days where you don’t prepare your meals properly, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t pick some healthy choices. Sushi, Thai food and certain Chinese food dishes are excellent for your health and taste spectacular. You need to remember that while you need to moderate your calories, you don’t have to cut out your takeout indulgences entirely. It’s a pandemic, do what you can but don’t slip backwards into relying on heavy takeout food all the time. 

Choose To Fill Up

Eating empty calories like chips and dips will taste nice in the moment, but it’s not going to help you to feel good about yourself – nor will it keep your body satisfied. Eating filling foods will help you with your weight loss, keep you feeling good and prevent you from hunger headaches that lead you to binge on food you shouldn’t binge on. Load up the fruit bowl and fill up on things that are low in calories. 

There is no requirement for you to lose weight in lockdown. However, if you want to feel good and weight loss will help, go for it and start looking after yourself.

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