Leo’s Loo Too Review for Automatic Smarty Litter Box

As a cat owner, finding the perfect litter box for my feline friend has always been a top priority. I am so excited to share my Leo’s Loo Too review with you!

I’ve tried different models and designs over the years, but nothing seemed to satisfy all of my needs until I came across Leo’s Loo Too.

This automatic, self-cleaning litter box promises to make my life easier by reducing my scooping duties while ensuring my cat’s health and cleanliness.

Here is the scoop on my experience with Leo’s Loo Too and offer a detailed review of its features and functionality.

Leo’s Loo Too Overview

Named after the CEO’s cat Leo, the Leo’s Loo Too is an amazing litter box for any cat owner.

The Leo’s Loo Too unit has amazing smart features like a built-in scale and app connectivity, making it convenient for me to monitor my cat’s health and manage the litter box from my smartphone!

As someone who appreciates a low-maintenance solution, I was particularly drawn to Leo’s Loo Too because it’s self-cleaning.

My main responsibilities are ensuring that there’s enough clean litter in the box, emptying the waste drawer when it’s full (with an alert from the app), and cleaning the unit once a month or so.

The self-cleaning process uses a UV light system to sanitize the waste drawer after each use, providing an extra layer of cleanliness and odor control.

Design and Size

One aspect of Leo’s Loo Too that caught my attention immediately was its sleek, modern design.

Unlike most litter boxes on the market, Leo’s Loo Too comes in a variety of fun colors, including Leo Gray, Avocado Green, Baby Blue, and Pretty Pink.

It is 24 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 27.5 inches tall, with a 9.1-inch opening. So, it is spacious for my cat, allowing him to feel comfortable while eliminating waste.


Leo’s Loo Too simplifies the process of maintaining a cat litter box by providing a self-cleaning mechanism.

All we need to do is make sure there’s litter in the box and empty the waste drawer when full. The best part is that the unit alerts us when it is full!

An interesting feature is the UV light system within the waste drawer, which is designed to kill bacteria after the self-cleaning cycle is completed.

Overall, the litter box is easy to use and operates quietly, making it a great companion for both cats and their owners. It is kind of like a litter robot for your fur baby!


The Leo’s Loo Too is priced at around $600 to $650, making it a higher-end product in the automatic litter box market.

Despite its relatively steep price, the features and convenience it offers might make it worth the investment for those willing to pay for an advanced and stylish litter box solution.

Here are some key points:

  • Design: Stylish and modern with a variety of playful colors
  • Size: 24 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 27.5 inches tall with a 9.1-inch opening
  • Functionality: Automatic self-cleaning, UV light system for bacterial reduction, and user alerts
  • Price: Between $600 and $650

Key Features

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

My favorite feature by far is the fact that this is a self-cleaning litter box!

The Leo’s Loo Too is a self-cleaning litter box that significantly reduces the amount of time and effort required for maintaining my cat’s bathroom area.

The internal sphere rolls to separate litter from poop, making the cleaning process efficient and convenient.

Weight Sensor

Another great feature is that the Leo’s Loo Too is equipped with weight sensors. It ensures that the cleaning process never begins while your cat is still inside.

This feature provides an extra layer of safety and prevents any accidents from occurring during the cleaning process.

UV Light Sterilization

Another notable feature of Leo’s Loo Too is the UV light sterilization system.

Once the kitty exits the unit and it performs its self-cleaning turn, waste is exposed to UV rays, which effectively kills bacteria left in the waste.

This helps to maintain a clean and odor-free environment for your cat.

Whisper-Quiet Sifting Technology

Leo’s Loo Too employs whisper-quiet sifting technology, which makes the process of separating litter from waste incredibly quiet.

As a result, the noise levels are minimal, ensuring that your cat remains undisturbed during the cleaning process.

Overall, the Leo’s Loo Too offers several innovative features that make it an excellent choice for a self-cleaning litter box.

It’s convenient, efficient, and hygienic, providing optimal conditions for your cat’s bathroom experience.

Ease of Use and Maintenance

Easy Assembly

In my experience, assembling Leo’s Loo Too was super easy. The parts fit together seamlessly, and the instructions were clear and easy to follow.

I managed to put the litter box together within a short amount of time, without any hassle. It is easy to assemble, no matter your skillset!

Drawer Liners

The use of drawer liners in Leo’s Loo Too makes maintenance so much more convenient. These liners help keep the waste drawer clean by preventing the litter from sticking to the bottom.

The liners make emptying the waste drawer a faster and more hygienic process. Plus, they’re available in both disposable and reusable options, which provides me with the flexibility to choose what works best for my situation.

Deep Cleaning

When it comes to deep cleaning, Leo’s Loo Too offers an advantageous feature through its integration with the Smarty Pear app.

The app lets me know when it’s time for a thorough cleaning, which I find incredibly useful in staying on top of my cat’s litter box hygiene.

For deep cleaning, I follow these basic steps:

  1. Power off the unit and unplug it.
  2. Remove the waste drawer, clean it, and replace the liner.
  3. Clean the conveyor system that transports the waste.
  4. Wipe down the litter tray and other visible surfaces with a damp cloth.

As a cat owner, I appreciate the ease of use and low maintenance requirements of Leo’s Loo Too. The simple assembly process, user-friendly drawer liners, and app-guided deep cleaning contribute to a positive experience for both me and my cat.

Litter Compatibility

Clay Clumping Litter

When it comes to the compatibility of Leo’s Loo Too with different types of litter, I can confirm that it is highly efficient with clay clumping litter.

Clay clumping litter is known for its ability to form tight, manageable clumps when it comes into contact with moisture, making it one of the popular choices of cat litter for both manual and automatic litter boxes.

In my experience, Leo’s Loo Too is able to detect and remove the clumps formed by clay clumping litter effectively, leaving a clean and odor-free environment for my cat.

A special Leo’s Loo litter bag works in tandem with advanced litter box machines and even smartphone apps to make disposing of clumped-up waste a breeze.

Litter Attractant

Litter attractant can be used with Leo’s Loo Too to make it even more appealing and comfortable for your cat.

A litter attractant, such as catnip or any herbal-based product, can be mixed with the litter inside Leo’s Loo Too, encouraging your cat to use the litter box more frequently.

After adding a little bit of catnip in the litter, my cat seemed to be more interested in using by Leo’s Loo Too litter box, reducing the chances of accidents elsewhere in the house.

Litter Tracking

Leo’s Loo Too has significantly helped with reducing litter tracking.

Since the litter box and bottom of the internal barrel is enclosed, with its self-cleaning feature and smooth design, it minimizes the amount of litter that sticks to my cat’s paws, leading to less litter tracking around the house.

Of course, it may not entirely eliminate litter tracking, but I have noticed a considerable reduction in comparison to using traditional litter boxes.

Litter Mat

To further minimize litter tracking outside of Leo’s Loo Too, I placed a litter mat right outside the box to be a helpful solution. A litter mat can catch any remaining litter particles that may cling to your cat’s paws when it exits the box.

There are various litter mat options available, from simple grid-like designs to more decorative and plush options. You can choose one according to your preferences and the aesthetics of your home.

Keep in mind that these recommendations are based on my personal experience in using an Leo’s Loo Too litter box. You might need to make adjustments depending on your cat’s preferences or specific circumstances.

Litter mats are a great addition to any robot litter box. Not only do they keep your living room clean, but they also offer complete satisfaction in terms of odor control and ease of cleaning.

With safe ultra-quiet sifting technology, these mats can swiftly trap any debris that your cat exits with from the litter box.

App and Smart Features


I found that Leo’s Loo Too provides real-time notifications through the Smarty Pear app. The app connects to the cat litter box via Wi-Fi, allowing me to monitor my cat’s bathroom habits and weight.

It also sends notifications when the waste drawer needs to be cleaned, making it a convenient tool for maintaining hygiene.

Leo’s Loo Too offers a range of smartphone apps for cat parents to easily access. With the app, users can monitor their cats’ bathroom habits and weight in real-time.

The advanced machines also feature self-cleaning mechanisms that are activated with just one button – no need for huge spaceship-like devices.

Leo’s Loo Too companion app is the brainchild of tech company Smarty Pear, and it has revolutionized how cats use the litter box.

This New York City-based company created this innovative product with three layers of advanced safety technology to ensure that cats are comfortable when going to the bathroom.

The triple-layer protection system ensures that the litter box remains clean at all times, making it an easy and comfortable choice for cats.

There are lots of smartphone apps cat parents can try, but this one if the best out there!

Transitioning to New Boxes

As a cat owner, I know that transitioning to a new litter box can be challenging. However, the Leo’s Loo Too makes the process easier with its one-piece drum design to prevent leaking.

The bigger drawer capacity compared to the original Leo’s Loo offers extra convenience and reduced maintenance.

Transitioning to a new litter box can be intimidating for any cat owner, but with the Leo’s Loo Too, there’s no need to worry.

This robot litter box offers a hassle-free transition with its one-piece drum design that prevents leaking and larger drawer capacity than the original Leo’s Loo.

Cat parents are always looking for new and improved ways to make life easier with their furry friends. From smartphone apps that help monitor your cat’s health to modern litter boxes, there is no shortage of options available today.

One of the latest innovations in this field is the Leo’s Loo Too – a spherical litter box designed for easy access and convenience.

With its sleek modern look and green accents or other colors of your choosing, it not only offers cats an attractive place to do their business but also provides plenty of space for storing cat toys or other items.

Customer Service

In my experience, the customer service for Leo’s Loo Too has been helpful and responsive. When I had questions about the product, I received timely assistance from knowledgeable representatives.

They were able to address my concerns and provide useful tips on how to make the most of the litter box. Their US-based customer support even have a 90-day return policy, which is much better than some competitors’ 30-day return policy.

Smarty Pear App

The Smarty Pear companion app is one of the main highlights of Leo’s Loo Too. With this app, I can:

  • Track my cat’s bathroom visits and weight trends
  • Receive notifications on the waste drawer status
  • Sync the litter box with Alexa or Google Voice Assistant
  • Ensure my cat’s safety with the three-layer protection system
  • Benefit from the programmable UV light for disinfection and odor control

Overall, the app enhances the user experience by offering insightful data and simplifying the maintenance of my cat’s litter box.

With Leo’s Loo Too and the Smarty Pear app, I can effectively stay on top of my cat’s habits and health.

Features Of Leo’s Loo Too

Litter-Robot 4

First, let’s discuss how Leo’s Loo Too compares to the Litter-Robot 4. Some of the main features of Leo’s Loo Too include:

  • Self-cleaning system
  • Ultraviolet light for cleaning
  • Smarty Pear app with alerts for waste drawer emptying
  • Compatible with Google and Alexa voice controls

In comparison, the Litter-Robot 4 offers:

  • Self-cleaning system
  • Automatic drawer emptying
  • Smartphone app for monitoring
  • Compatible with Alexa voice commands

Open Boxes with the Rake

Next up are open boxes with the rake. These types of litter boxes typically have:

  • Raking system for waste removal
  • Manual operation
  • Basic sensors for safety
  • No connectivity options

Now, comparing these features with Leo’s Loo Too, I noticed some key differences:

  • Leo’s Loo Too has a self-cleaning system instead of a raking system
  • Connectivity options with Google and Alexa voice controls
  • A smarter app with waste drawer alerts

Rotating Barrel Style Boxes

Lastly, let’s take a look at rotating barrel style boxes. These boxes usually come with:

  • Rotating mechanism for waste removal
  • Automatic operation
  • Basic sensors for safety
  • No connectivity options

When comparing these features to Leo’s Loo Too, I found some noticeable improvements:

  • Leo’s Loo Too offers ultraviolet light for cleaning
  • Compatibility with Google and Alexa voice controls
  • A superior app with waste drawer alerts and monitoring

To me, Leo’s Loo Too stands out among the competition with its advanced features and technological integrations.

Benefits of Leo’s Loo Too

Odor Control

One of the main benefits I noticed when using Leo’s Loo Too was its impressive odor control. Thanks to its self-cleaning feature, the waste is quickly separated and stored in a closed waste drawer, which is equipped with a UV light system.

This, combined with the regular alerts telling me when to empty the waste drawer, helps ensure that any unpleasant smells are contained and don’t permeate through my living space.

Noise Level

As someone who enjoys peace and quiet in their apartment, I was pleased to find that Leo’s Loo Too operates relatively quietly. In my experience, it is about 10 decibels quieter than the original Leo’s Loo model.

This reduced noise level ensures that neither I nor my cat gets startled or disturbed when the litter box is operating.

Size and Space Requirement

The size of Leo’s Loo Too is suitable for most apartment settings. The enclosed design and compact dimensions minimize the space required for the litter box.

It easily fits into a corner or a dedicated spot in my living area, and the entry hole is large enough for my cat to comfortably enter and exit without feeling cramped.

Material and Durability

Leo’s Loo Too is made from durable materials that hold up well to daily wear and tear.

In my experience, the robust construction not only provides a sense of security for me as a cat parent but also ensures that the litter box can handle the regular self-cleaning cycles without any issues.

This means I don’t have to worry about replacing parts frequently or dealing with potential malfunctions due to poor-quality materials.

The grated section of the plastic lets me monitor the amount of waste in Leo’s Loo Too with ease, as I can easily see when it needs to be emptied. This feature is incredibly useful, especially since this is a new product for me.

Tips for Cat Owners

Introducing Cats to Leo’s Loo Too

As a cat owner, I find it essential to introduce my furry friends to new things slowly. This helps to keep them comfortable!

When I first brought Leo’s Loo Too home, I ensured that my cat had plenty of time to familiarize itself with this new cat litter box. To help with this process, I recommend:

  • Placing the Leo’s Loo Too next to the old litter box.
  • Sprinkling some used litter from the old box into Leo’s Loo Too to carry over their scent.
  • Monitor your cat and be patient, as they may take a few days to become comfortable with the new litter box.

Small Kittens

For those of us with small kittens, Leo’s Loo Too might be a bit too spacious and intimidating at first. In my experience, these tips are helpful when introducing small kittens to Leo’s Loo Too:

  • Temporarily reduce the box’s size by closing down one side to create a smaller, cozier space.
  • Place a non-slip mat near the entrance to help your kitten feel secure.
  • Encourage your kitten to use the box by placing them in it a few times a day.

Changing Litter

As cat parents, it’s essential to regularly change the litter in our cat’s litter boxes. With Leo’s Loo Too, this process is a breeze. Here’s how I change the litter in this smart litter box:

  1. Wait for the waste drawer to alert me when it’s full.
  2. Empty the waste drawer and replace the litter bag.
  3. Add new litter into the box, making sure there’s enough for proper self-cleaning.

By following these tips, I believe other cat owners can benefit from a seamless experience with Leo’s Loo Too.

This smart cat litter box ensures cleanliness and convenience for both the pets and their humans.

Why I Recommend The Leo’s Loo Too & My Cat Loves It too!

As a cat owner, I’ve struggled with finding the perfect litter box that would satisfy both my needs and my cat’s.

That’s when I came across the Leo’s Loo Too, and honestly, it’s been a game-changer. I highly recommend this automatic litter box and how my cat has benefited from it.

Firstly, the design of the Leo’s Loo Too is unique and stylish, with a larger variety of colors like Leo Gray, Avocado Green, Baby Blue, and Pretty Pink, making it an attractive addition to my home instead of an eyesore.

The dimensions are 24 x 22 x 27.6 inches, so while it’s spacious, it’s still easy to find a place for it in my home.

The infrared sensors equipped in the Leo’s Loo Too make it a true self-cleaning litter box. These sensors detect when my cat has used the box and trigger an automatic cleaning process.

I no longer have to worry about scooping litter multiple times a day or coming home to an unpleasant smell.

The Smarty Pear app, available for both iOS and Android, is another feature I find incredibly useful. It notifies me when the drawer is full, which happens roughly once a week.

The Smarty Pear Leo’s Loo Too app allows me to keep track of maintenance and ensure a clean environment for my cat without any hassle.

And speaking of my cat, they absolutely love the Leo’s Loo Too as well! The 9.1-inch opening, combined with the spacious design, allows my cat to feel comfortable while using the box.

The unit is recommended for cats up to 15 pounds, 5 years old, and 9 inches tall, making it suitable for a variety of feline sizes.

Things to Remember

There are so many different smart litter boxes on the market like the Whisker Litter-Robot, but Leo’s Loo Too is by far my favorite! Some had extra features like a night light, a radar system, an anti-pinch sensor, or even a larger waste drawer.

When it comes to automated, self-cleaning litter boxes, you can’t beat the Leo’s Loo Too!

It features a triple-layer safety protection system that utilizes a whisper-quiet motor. This ensures that your cats are safe and sound while they use the box.

The Leo’s Loo Too is one of the best revolutionary automatic self-cleaning litter boxes that cat families all over the world have come to love.

With its advanced mobile smart home technology, it can be controlled and monitored through a convenient mobile app.

The Leo’s Loo Too is the ideal self-cleaning cat litter box for cats and pet owners alike. With its triple-layer safety systems, it ensures that your cats are safe while they use their litter boxes.

The high walls of this new automatic litter box also help to contain any messes that may occur, making cleanup much easier.

The Leo’s Loo Too is the perfect solution for cats’ litter boxes, providing a comfortable and low-maintenance experience for pet owners.

It is well equipped to accommodate larger cats, as its design includes a massive step up from traditional litter boxes in terms of safety and convenience.

The top of the waste drawer makes cleanup quick and easy, and with its triple-layer safety systems, you can rest easy knowing that your cats will be safe while they use their litter boxes.

What to Love

Parents of cats know how important it is to keep their furry friends happy and healthy, which is why Smarty Pear’s Leo’s Loo Too provides an innovative solution.

The product comes with a smartphone app, available for both iOS and Android, that notifies parents when their litter drawer is full.

I have also had zero issues with this litter box since getting it! If you’re looking for a litter box that will make your cat’s life easier, then look no further than Leo’s Loo Too.

This innovative product comes with an improved waste drawer and is available in a larger variety of colors including a palm tree green so it can easily blend into any home décor.

With the added convenience of a smartphone app, pet parents can keep track of their cats’ waste and always ensure they have a clean environment to use.

Final Thoughts

My experience with the Leo’s Loo Too has been highly positive, and it greatly simplifies litter box maintenance for me. With its smart features and modern design, both my cat and I enjoy the benefits it brings.

From delightful little demon void cats with black fur to striped cats and all cats in between, they are sure to love this litter box!

The Leo’s Loo Too is a revolutionary cat litter box that features larger components and a white base, making it aesthetically pleasing and more convenient for cats to use.

As an app-connected litter box, users can easily monitor and control the litter box from their smartphone or laptop.

Additionally, its inner drum is designed to collect and separate the waste, allowing for daily cleaning of only the parts that need it.

Thanks to the advanced set of features of Leo’s Loo Too like the smarty pear family functionality, this will make a welcome newest addition to your home!

The Leo’s Loo Too is one of the most advanced cat litter boxes on the market, and is an ideal choice for those seeking hassle-free tenure of feline parenthood.

It boasts a sleek white base with an enclosed waste drawer that allows users to effortlessly remove waste and clean the litter box.

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