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Life Lessons from Hamilton

If you haven’t heard of it yet, the broadway musical Hamilton has been released on Disney + as of July 3, 2020! The musical is a collection of 46 songs, running continuously right after the other with all dialogue contained within the songs themselves as well. As a Hamilton enthusiast I had my fair share in listening to the cast recording which is a work of art on its own, yet seeing the actors singing with the wonderful choreography, truly tied the piece together. Besides these traits, the musical also provides a lot of information about these revolutionary heroes and their stories in founding America. Today we will be going through the life lessons we from the cultural phenomena Hamilton. 

Take Your Shot

The first life lesson that we are introduced to is brought up in the songs My Shot and The Story of Tonight. These songs feature the thematic patterns of taking your future in your hands. This is shown in Alexander Hamilton’s strive for success. These songs are very empowering to those who want to do something out of your comfort zone. This can be applicable in your daily life for example, as you wonder whether or not to go for a new job, as it could be scary wandering into the unknown, however, the result may be better than you expected.

Women are Powerful

The next Hamilton life lesson is that women were powerful even during a time in history when they didn’t have rights or a voice. The song Schuyler Sisters features Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy witnessing the brewing revolution. They are knowledgable about the changing society around them and have ideas for revelations they would like to see implemented in their world as well.

The musical is titled Hamilton, however, it’s not specified to be about Alexander Hamilton. One of the most powerful characters in the musical is in fact, Eliza Hamilton. Eliza has to suffer through her marriage as Hamilton becomes insatiable for honor and legacy. She takes care of her children while her husband is having an affair. Learns how to continue to live after her son dies. Finds it in her heart to forgive her husband for all the mistakes he has made. Continues to live and further her and her husband’s accomplishments after he passes. But above all, she finally let’s go to rest.

Another influential woman in this musical is Angelica Schuyler. Angelica put aside her feelings for Alexander Hamilton for the happiness of her sister. She put her sister above all else and truly defined sisterhood. 

Legacy isn’t everything

This musical shines a light on the fact that focusing your entire life on doing something for what happens when it’s over is nonsensical. In the song That Would Be Enough Hamilton struggles with balancing his work life with his commitment to his wife. Here we see her constant struggle in pulling him back to her instead of stressing over the unprecedented future. Eliza explains in this song that they don’t need to be remembered, they just need to be together.

Cherish The Moments You Have

One of my favorite songs, Non-Stop, is about Hamilton’s initiative in the workplace and contains a great life lesson. They say he’s ‘writing as if he was running out of time.’ Hamilton incredibly wrote 51 essays in the span of six months, and if that doesn’t inspire you to complete your work I don’t know what will.

The main takeaway from this song shows you have to take advantage of every second you have. You want to enjoy every moment, reflected in the song Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story.

Hamilton has so much to offer, making it worthwhile to check out the original broadway cast performance released on Disney + or at the very least take a listen to the soundtrack! There are so many more life lessons to be learned from this magnificent musical that reminds us how lucky we are to be alive right now! 😉

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