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Lisa Vanderpump Shares “The Worst Thing About Being Famous”

Lisa Vanderpump has made quite the name for herself. Restaurateur, designer, author, dog lover, humanitarian, and of course Bravolebrity from the hit Bravo series the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills—Lisa Vanderpump does it all!  With her lifestyle comes fame and a lot of it.

Lisa opened up about being famous. “Well I think there are many pitfalls. I used to think it was ridiculous when I used to read in the papers that a celebrity said that. But I think when you live the experience you have a better understanding of the lack of privacy.”

She continued explaining the best part of her fame, “However, 95% of being a celebrity has been positive and has given me a voice for many things that I’m passionate about (such as going to United Nations, speaking in front of Congress, Vanderpump Dog Foundation), so its been an incredible experience.”

Lisa also shared the worst part about having such an open life. “Sometimes it can be a little difficult to go about daily life, especially in the restaurant business. Sometimes people don’t understand that I have job to do.”  Though, she explained she does love her fans. “However, I love when people come up to me saying how much they love the show, it shows they’ve connected with it and I like that.”

Read Lisa Vanderpump’s full interview.

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