Liverpool Los Angeles Pop-Up Shop at Oak Park Mall

I had the best time checking out the Liverpool Los Angeles Pop-Up shop at Oak Park Mall. It is so exciting that they picked Kansas City to host their first-ever pop up shop and I got the chance to go check it out and get a feel for their clothing. You can go in and shop the pop-up until December 2, 2019. So excited to share that the pop up has extended through December 18, 2019!

About Liverpool Los Angeles

If you’re like me you had heard of the brand Liverpool and instantly thought jeans. You’re not wrong they have amazing jeans, but they have so much more. Not only did I love the clothing, it is stylish and comfy, but more than anything I love the brand and what it stands for.

“Our passion is creating relatable fashion that will fit every body and make you feel confident every day.”

Liverpool is a total wardrobe solution for fashion-conscious women and men who lead hectic, busy lives.  I was so impressed with how the clothing is versatile. I was able to pick up pieces that I will wear over and over. I love that Liverpool Los Angeles really thinks about the customer when they are creating items. They test every single item because if they don’t love it, they don’t sell it.

They take pride in the fact that they are consistently delivering premium casual clothing with superior fit, comfortable, on-trend fashion at an exceptional value.  I learned so much about the Liverpool Los Angles brand and I was so excited to put the items to the test and do a try-on session.

Try-On Session – A Look At The Clothing

My first impression was WOW!! I honestly could not believe how soft the material was used to make the clothing. I kept coming out of the dressing room showing off the looks as I just couldn’t get over the fact that one outfit after another was fitting so comfortably. I can tell you over and over just how impressed I am with the quality of their items, but it really is something you have to feel to understand. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from my try on!

A Place For All Women

While I love the look of the clothing, what I love most is that these clothes are created for every woman. They have so many different designs, styles, and options. There is something in the Liverpool Los Anglese store for every woman.

Pop-Up Shop at Oak Park Mall

If you are in the Kansas City area I highly encourage you to visit the Liverpool Los Angeles pop-up shop at Oak Park Mall and do a try-on session. Trust me, you’re going to love the quality of the clothing. Not only does it feel great, but all of the items are priced affordably. Head into the Liverpool Los Angeles pop-up through December 18.

The “Girls” of Liverpool Los Angles

I had the amazing opportunity to speak with Alexa at Liverpool Los Angles about the different styles Liverpool creates. They really do have a look for everyone and she gave me the scoop on each of their “girls”.

Make sure to tell them Sarah Scoop sent you and use code SRUHHLMAN25 for 25% off. Plus, you’ll get a free Liverpool tote bag with your purchase. If you buy more than 2 pieces you’ll give a free t-shirt.

Check out LIVERPOOL LOS ANGELES for a look at some of the pieces you can shop at the Oak Park pop-up store!

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