Living Overseas: Could This Be the Lifestyle for You?

The past year and a half has had ups and downs for many of us. The coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the way that the majority of us live, throwing our routines out of the window and giving us more opportunity to reflect on our lives.

Many of us have began to question whether the routines we’re following are really the ones that will bring us the most satisfaction and that we genuinely want to continue with when things return to normal. Now that vaccines are being rolled out around the world, many of us are beginning to decide to make major changes to our lives that will, hopefully, bring a greater sense of satisfaction and fulfilment to our existences.

One option that many of us are considering is a move overseas. This, of course, is a major change, so you need to really consider all of the ins and outs before committing. Here are some pieces of advice that could help you to determine whether a move is a great idea for you or not.

Why Are You Considering Moving?

Now, the main thing that you really need to think about when considering an overseas move is why are you considering moving? Understanding what is driving you to want to move in the first place will help you to realise whether the move is an ill thought out and irrational decision or whether it’s a genuinely good move for you. Some common reasons to move to a different country tend to include:

  • Work –  throughout the pandemic, the job market has become scarce. At the same time, countless people have lost their jobs through company collapse, redundancy, or their workplace no longer offering a sufficient salary or sufficient working hours. If you’re struggling to find work where you live, you may want to seek opportunities abroad. Of course, relocating should really be reserved for a dream job – something that you genuinely really want to do or that can positively impact your lifestyle.
  • Partners – sometimes people will find that they are considering moving away from their current home in order to be with a partner. You might have met your partner while spending time overseas, or you may have met your partner in your home country, and this individual now wants to move back to their home. Your partner may be from the same place as you, but has been offered a unique and appealing work opportunity that is further afield. You might have met someone who lives far away and want to try a relationship with them by moving to them. Generally, there’s no way to say with absolute confidence whether you should move to stay with or be with a romantic partner or not. Whether this will be a success or not will largely depend on the strength of your relationship and whether both parties genuinely want to live somewhere else or not.
  • Adventure – of course, your wish to move somewhere else doesn’t have to be driven by finances or romance. You might just really feel an affinity to a different country or culture and want to immerse yourself in it. You might want to try living somewhere else as a sense of adventure. You might want to see new places and try new things. Moving through a pure sense of adventure is fine, as long as you can adapt well to new places, are pretty independent and you’re happy to leave what you have at home behind – at least temporarily.

Where are You Considering Moving to?

Next, you’re going to need to consider where you want to move to. Rather than simply choosing a country, you need to make sure that you can genuinely see yourself living there. Whether you’re considering buying in Paris or renting in Singapore, make sure to visit your chosen location and to spend some time there before committing to a full move. This will allow you to see the reality of the place and determine whether it’s for you. All too many of us romanticise different locations, only to find that they don’t actually suit our needs or preferences once we’re already there.

What Will You Need to Move?

Requirements to move overseas will largely depend on the country you’re considering moving to and how long you’re planning on staying there. Some countries will require specific VISAs to be approved. Some will need you to have a certain amount in savings before you are granted access. Some will request that you invest a certain amount in property in the country. Make sure to look up requirements to ensure that you are permitted and that the country you’ve chosen is genuinely an option for you.

Of course, there are countless other things to consider when you want to move overseas. Some of the information above, however, should help to get this venture off to a good start!

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