Liz Weiss Shares Tips on Eating Healthy Through the Summer Swelter

by Sarah Ruhlman

The winter has been ROUGH for most of us, no matter where we live, and many of us are anxious to bask in the glow of the sunshine and head out to enjoy the joys of the warmer weather and all those summer foods and treats! We all know that to much of a good thing can sometimes be bad but with the right eating plan that R.D. Liz Weiss has for us we can’t fail!

Eating well in the summer is always a challenge, between busy schedules and in-your-face fatty foods. But there are plenty of better-for-you options that taste so good you’ll never feel like you are depriving yourself! Thanks to registered Dietitian, Liz Weiss for sharing her favorite recipes and ideas to help you make better-for-you choices this summer.

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