A Look Inside My Gym Bag: Must Have Items

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Before going to the gym for a workout, it is important to be prepared with your gym essentials. Here are the necessities I always pack in my gym bag so I make sure I have a worry-free workout session.

Earphones + Cell Phone

Working out just isn’t the same without a good pair of earphones! Listening to music is my go-to way to stay energized during my workouts, no matter how intense. There is no better way to get in the zone than a good playlist with upbeat music.

Summers Eve Cleansing Cloths 

After high intensity workouts, I like to have something in my gym bag that can instantly clean and refresh my skin. These Summers Eve Cleansing Cloths do just the job. They come in individual packets so you can just throw them in your gym bag and you are good to go. These are my favorite product to bring to the gym because they are quick and easy to use, but Summers Eve also has Cleansing Wash that can also be helpful to throw into your bag!

Water Bottle

Staying hydrated while working out is key. I always like to have a water bottle on hand so I make sure I am drinking enough water.  To change things up, I sometimes cut up some lemon slices or other fruit to put in my water bottle for some added flavor and antioxidants!

Protein Bar/Snack

Having a post-workout snack is important to refuel your body after hitting the gym. A good protein bar, granola bar, or any other type of grab-and-go snack is the perfect thing to keep in your gym bag.

Hair ties

Many girls know the struggle of a hair tie breaking mid-workout and hair getting everywhere. Keeping your hair up and out of your face is the best way to go while doing physical activity. This is why having extra hair ties on hand is always a good idea because you never know when you, or someone else might need one.


A jumprope is a great option just in case the gym life doesn’t work out.  Its an easy workout that you can do just about anywhere!


If you need to get more motivated to work out and stay active, a Fitbit is the perfect thing to pull out of your bag and put on during a workout, or even as you are doing tasks throughout your day. It helps keep track of how many steps you take, along with other fitness related information.

I hope you found some helpful new tips on what to bring in your gym bag the next time you workout!


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