Looking After Yourself Now And In The Future

Are you wanting to take better care of yourself? 2020 was a hard year for everyone and it certainly took its toll on us. You may if vowed to make 2021 your year and be healthier and fitter.  You might not know where to start with your health and wellbeing journey so here are four pointers to remember when you are wanting to look after yourself, both on the inside and the outside. 

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You must remember to drink water, this is vital, not just when you are working out. Your body is constantly losing water throughout the day so you must replace what is lost by drinking water. You should be aiming to drink at least 2 liters or 8 glasses of water a day. This keeps your body and even your mind hydrated. Having a hydrated brain has been known to improve memory and concentration as it helps you stay alert. 

Water is also great for your skin and drinking enough of it will make you look radiant and can even shave 10 years off your appearance. 


Diet is important as what you put inside your body can cause huge consequences for your health. If your diet is made up of unhealthy junk food you run the risk of becoming overweight and this could lead to heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. Leading a healthy lifestyle will benefit you massively, you will feel more ‘alive’ and better than you ever have before. Endeavor to introduce healthy foods and healthier alternatives into your diet. 

If you are struggling with portion sizes and you’re not sure what food groups to eat then you could benefit from purchasing a portion divider, this will tell you how much of each food group to put on your plate. You might be surprised, as is everyone, how little needs to be on your plate. 


Exercise like your diet is paramount when you want to be healthy and look after yourself. You should be doing 30 minutes of exercise each day and be aiming to make this cardio-based to get the heart pumping. Doing this is great for your heart and lungs and will make them stronger and healthier, enabling them to fight off any nasties within the body. 

If you get really into your exercise and you find a love for something you never knew existed you could go one step further and coach others in it. Take swimming for example, if you are a strong swimmer and love being in the water you could become a swim coach after some training. You might also enjoy slower calmer exercises such as Tai Chi, if you want to teach this then you will need to apply for your Tai Chi certification


Finally, to be fighting fit and well you need to be getting enough good sleep. You should be getting at least 8 hours of good quality sleep every night, if your sleep is affected then you will feel tired and groggy the next day. If you are having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep then it might be a good idea to look into why so you don’t continue having disturbed nights. It could be as simple as your mattress needs changing, this should be done every 8 years. 

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