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Looking Back on 10 Years of One Direction

One Direction, Ten Year Anniversary
One Direction’s Ten Year Anniversary, Courtesy of One Direction Twitter

Today is the 10th anniversary of the British pop band One Direction and it is a bittersweet moment. On one hand, One Direction became a formative part of many people’s childhoods from 2010 up until 2016. We went to their concerts, memorized all the words to their songs, and even collected cardboard cutouts of the lads. Many young people fell fully in love with these British teens (now adults). Unfortunately, on the other hand, their 10 year anniversary is a reminder of how much we’ve missed them since their “hiatus” in 2016.

However, despite our shared sadness, now is certainly a time to come together and celebrate the years we did enjoy with 1D. After so long, the band grew exponentially in sound, style, and appearance and we grew with them, able to see every iconic moment. Therefore, today we will discuss some of the band’s most iconic moments, looking back on ten years of One Direction.

What Makes You Beautiful Music Video

Released on August 19th, 2011, “What Makes You Beautiful” first launched One Direction into the mainstream. It played on the radio constantly! In no time, everyone knew the words, even irritated parents driving their middle schoolers to school. For fans, we voted on which we thought was cutest. The curly-haired Harry? Striped shirt Louis? Zayn with the earrings? How could we choose?! This song still bops to this day and will probably never get old. It truly encapsulates their boy band energy.

One Direction on iCarly

Of their many TV appearances, one of One Direction’s most memorable was their episode of iCarly. In the episode, the band comes to perform on the web show but problems occur when Carly gets heartthrob Harry sick. This appearance was like the best of both worlds. Two of our favorite things combined to make a perfect episode of television. Looking back, it was slightly awkward and adorable.

The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction

While not including the band directly, “The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction” became a huge part of “Directioner” culture. The 17-minute video shows the animated band going on a silly adventure to defeat an evil villain. Although the video (and its sequel) aren’t exactly kid-friendly, middle-schoolers clung to this material, as they did to anything having to do with their boys. Admittedly, the series is pretty hilarious looking back. The voice acting alone makes it an iconic One Direction moment.

One Direction: This Is Us

Alright, although it’s impressive that One Direction got a movie after only two years of stardom, the real reason “This Is Us” breaks this list is because of the fan experience. The opportunity to go to a local movie theatre and watch your favorite band on the big screen was massive. Young people from all over the world gathered to watch this movie like a real concert, donning their 1D merch. And of course, there was plenty of crying at seeing the boys so up close and personal. It proved to be a big moment for Directioners.

Zayn Leaving the Band

This is a day One Direction fans probably still remember, even 5 years later. Zayn Malik, with his iconic high notes, announced that he would be leaving One Direction to pursue a solo career. The loss was devastating for fans (and the band of course). Some mourned Zayn’s departure while others felt angry with the singer. One Direction went on to make another album, “Made in the A.M.” without Zayn, but his absence could be felt. Zayn went on to release his own singles including “Pillow Talk”.

One Direction on The Late Late Show With James Corden

How could we forget one of the most iconic sports skits in history? In 2015, the band appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and gave yet another hilarious performance (as they’re known to do). Here, they wore red short shorts and played dodgeball to their heart’s content. The whole bit was hilarious and definitely made us want our own”Corden’s Angels” t-shirts.

Best Song Ever Music Video

All of One Direction’s music videos have a certain flair that make them completely 1D. One of these is definitely “Best Song Ever”, which has the boys playing various roles, both as themselves and workers at an office. Of the performances, one of the most outstanding probably had to be Harry as Marcel the nerdy film expert or Liam as Leeroy the choreographer. Not only that, the video has some iconic lines. My personal favorite being: “…and Liam stay exactly where you are because you are PER-FECT.”


It’s hard to believe that One Direction has been around for ten years. Despite their hiatus, the passion for 1D is still very much alive. As solo artists, they’ve all done fairly well and some of them are even fathers now, however, Directioners would be eternally grateful for a comeback soon. And of course, if not, we will continue to reminisce on those younger days when we could spout off facts about Louis loving carrots and Liam being afraid of spoons. Let us know your favorite One Direction memories!

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