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Looking to Start your lashes Business? Here’s What you should know

A lash business is a perfect way to set your foot in the beauty industry in 2021. Working as a cosmetologist and beautifying others’ eyes will give you extreme satisfaction. Therefore, launching your lash business is the one thing you need to do to chase your passion. 

With that said, you should know that a lot of research goes into starting any business. Lash business is no exception to this. Saving you some time, here we’ve compiled some key points that are a must to know before you go on launching your salon. 

Source: Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

  1. About certifications and license

The foremost requirement to set up a lash extension business is becoming a trained eyelash extension cosmetologist. Depending on the region, the requirements might differ. Some places might require a lash certification along with being a licensed cosmetologist. In contrast, others might not have certification as a criterion. Research well into the requirements and work on them accordingly.

Apart from this, your lash business would need a separate license too. Register your business with a brand name, and form an LLC (Limited Liability Company) for the same. This will not only help your business be saved from double taxation but also limit your personal liability as far as the company’s legal obligations and debts are concerned.

  1. A business plan

A business plan is the foundation of business, be it any kind. A good business plan focuses on marketing strategy, product strategy, funds, short and long-term goals. It works as a blueprint and keeps your business from getting all over the place.

Before starting your lash business, look out for answers to certain questions like:

  • How much capital would you need?
  • How will you raise funds?
  • What kind of customers will you focus on?
  • How much profit do you expect in the stipulated time?
  • What are your short and long-term goals?
  • How will you promote and advertise your business?
  1. Setting up your salon

When it comes to setting up your lash salon, you must be very careful with the place. It should not cost you much. If you’re planning to rent a room/studio, the monthly expenses shouldn’t be high. It would be better if you initially invest in the comfort of your clients rather than in beautifying your salon.

Depending on your convenience, you can set up your salon in your home, in a rented place, or you can rent a chair in another salon. Giving service to your clients by directly visiting them at their homes is also an option. However, the traveling cost and time should be considered accordingly.

Make the comfort of your customers a priority. In the beginning, a minimalistic approach with aroma, scents, clean towels, music, and a comfortable seat will work.

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  1. Pricing your services

Price your services based on what you want to be charged ideally. Though in the beginning, you should only charge half your price or even less. 30-50% of your original price will be ideal for the first 3-4 customers. It will help you gain experience and might attract some customers while striving to find a customer base.

A few things to consider while fixing pricing:

  • The funds that you have invested in setting up your business.
  • The price of the materials that you will be using daily. You shouldn’t compromise with their quality. Consider minkfureyelashes for a variety of top-notch quality lashes.
  • The value of your business. Lash extensions are one of the latest trends of the beauty industry. Your expertise in lashes has the potential to bring value to many people. Fixing lower prices will only attract customers who aren’t willing to pay adequately.
  1. Creating your website

Creating an online presence is crucial in times like today. Having your website streamlines the process from exhibiting your skills to maintaining customer feedback. Personalize your website according to a distinct theme and style which suits the mood of your business. 

Have an attractive logo and a name for your lash business. The name should be unique and easy to recall. If you want, you can include your name as well.

To create a flawless website, consider hiring professionals. Or you can build your website using platforms like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, Shopify, and others. For this, you’d need a host and domain name. Using some easy steps to build your WordPress website, you can have a convenient and customized website. 

A good website layout has a homepage, contact information, About Us, FAQ section, including others. The website should be easily navigable.

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  1. Finding clients

Finding clients when you are starting with your business can be a bit of a challenge. You require significant promotion to let others know of your business. 

While you attract new customers, you can work for your friends and family for free. This will give you an experience and help in showcasing your technique on your website. Ask them to refer you to potential customers.

Social media is a great platform to have several customers. You need to have significant followers and friends. Use various tactics like stories, tips, questionnaires, solutions to common lash problems, and more to keep them interested. This will make others trust your business.

  1. Quality material

Always work with high-quality lash, glue, and other eyelash tools. They will fine-tune your expertise. Therefore investing in quality material should be your priority. 

Apart from the core material like lashes, tweezers, and adhesive, you should invest in glue remover, eye pads, lash cleanser, and other things. You can even sell these products along with your core products. People tend to buy additional products from the place they already have a trust in.

Source: Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich from Pexels

  1. Marketing your business

Marketing your business through various digital and real-life strategies will make your business bloom like anything. You should definitely know of several types of marketing. Some of the marketing tools are:

  • Paying influencers to speak about your business,
  • Search Engine Optimization 
  • Content marketing
  • Signing up people for the latest updates through mails
  • Affiliate marketing

The Bottom Line

Being aware of the aspects mentioned above will be a key to your flourishing lash business. Always do your research before undertaking your lash venture. Relishing your work will make sure that you provide the customers with a satisfactory service. Market your business as much as you can. Lastly, build a connection with your customers to keep them coming over and over again.


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.