“Madagascar: A Little Wild” Creators Talk New Series on NBC’s Peacock + How to Break Into Animation

The Sarah Scoop Show had the opportunity to speak with Dana Starfield and Johanna Stein, the producers of the new Dreamworks Animation show Madagascar: A Little Wild airing on NBC’s Peacock streaming network. They told us why they believe Madagascar and its loveable characters have continued to be such a popular world for viewers. Dana and Johanna also shared on their individual and unique journeys into the world of Hollywood animation. Watch the interview below:

These Characters are Such New Yorkers

Dreamworks Animation / Peacock

“I think that New York City is a character in and of itself…New Yorkers, they go after what they want. They go after their dreams. They are sometimes reckless…We’ve never seen animals as like New Yorkers before, and they were such New Yorkers. They’re more memorable, and when you have these characters who make you laugh and who you can sort of identify these memorable traits from, you can make a hundred stories from them and tell it a hundred different ways.”

– Johanna Stein

It Takes a Village

“The truth is that in animation so much goes into to creating a show like this…with so many people. Neither Dana nor I could come close to, you know, this it is such a team effort, and that’s really the beauty of it. The joy of it is that we get to collaborate with these incredible artists.”

-Johanna Stein

The Tribe is Tight

“We’re so lucky to…have such a beautiful inter-dynamic within the four of them. They really do feel like a family…There’s kind of no end to the emotional stories we can tell because they’re so very, very relatable in the way they interrelate. At its core it’s a story about friends…It was such a gift to us because they’re such a great core group of friends.”

– Dana Starfield

Everyone Has Talent

“There are so many jobs within animation for people from so many different types of talent. Like we say on our set on our team: everybody comes with some unique gift and some unique passion.”

– Dana Starfield

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