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Make Your Airbnb Property World-Famous

Property investments present a unique advantage. They are tangible assets, which makes them easier to manage. However, just because a property is not as volatile as the forex market, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have to make tough decisions along the way. Becoming a landlord is not an easy task, as the role comes with additional responsibilities. If you decide to be a. hands-on landlord, you need to be ready to get involved and build a reliable source of income from your property. 

That is precisely where the Airbnb platform can help you grow your presence and your revenue. Are you ready to ramp up your efforts on Airbnb? 

Create an Insta-worthy interior

Why do people choose your property over others? Price and location do play a significant role in the decision. Yet, more and more guests are willing to pay and travel more to stay in beautiful places. Creating an Instagram-worthy interior can be the biggest selling point on the Airbnb platform. Indeed, photos can showcase stylish decorating ideas that bring your interior in focus. Unique decorative accents, such as statement pieces or geometric elements, can elevate the interior. They make the perfect background for an Instagram selfie for your guests! If you are creating your decor with Instagram in mind, it can be a good idea to share your preferred hashtags with guests. 

Have unique extras

Everyone loves a gift, especially when it is unexpected. Therefore, welcoming your guests with a basket filled with local specialties and delicious treats can make a big difference. Your Airbnb description can mention the presence of a welcome hamper. But, guest reviews will make it shine. People are quick to praise a host who goes the extra mile to create a pleasant stay. Therefore, ensuring you have a selection of products that are suitable for your guests will attract positive reviews every single time. It is essential to ask about dietary restrictions and other allergies to ensure you get the right products. Yet a vegan, vegetarian, keto-friendly, or simply normal hamper will always hit the sweet spot. 

Target a unique niche

If the property is big enough, why not turn it into something more exciting? For instance, a remote cottage with a handful of rooms could become a writers’ retreat or a teambuilding ground. Essential considerations can help bring value to your niche property:

  • Easy connections to public transport will ensure guests can travel easily
  • A strong and reliable broadband connection
  • A variety of workspaces, including desk spaces, sofa, quiet rooms, and even large meeting areas
  • Partnerships with catering and other local food businesses, so your guests don’t need to worry about food 

Invite influencers as your first guests

Social media influencers can help grow your property presence digitally. You can invite relevant bloggers or influencers to your Airbnb home. It’s the perfect opportunity for a partnership. They can stay for a few days for free in exchange for a fair and honest review on their blogs. Instagram influencers can also share photos of the property with their followers. 

Growing your property presence on Airbnb is a marketing exercise that requires stunning visuals, attention-grabbing extras, a unique niche, and plenty of positive reviews from reputable visitors. Approaching your property investment with a business mind could turn your Airbnb presence into an influencers’ favorite! 


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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.