Make Your Face Look Skinny Using Makeup

Looking for a sexy mature look? We’ve searched up and down the red carpet to bring you the hottest face slimming trend. Try these techniques to achieve a slimming look in minutes!  Get the scoop on how to make your face look skinny using makeup.

Kim Kardashian

The technique that is sweeping social networks internationally is the concept of creating depth, shadows, and width by contouring and highlighting. As we all now, Kim Kardashian is the queen of this sculpting art. Check out some YouTube vids and get to sculpting, but remember to always blend your makeup in natural lighting to assure a natural look.

Fill ’em up! Not only are fleeky eyebrows the center of attention, but they are extremely slimming. Go for the famous Cara Delavigne look. Play up your eyebrows by creating a sharp angle and filling them with an ash brown. Then clean it up by concealing below the brow and again blend!

Channel your inner Tyra and dare to be fierce. Don’t be afraid of the blush. Apply blush between your contour and highlight, from the cheekbones to temple. To create an even more sculpted look use three shades of blush a colorful one at the cheek bones, a creamy one right above the cheek bones, and a bronzy one in the hollows of your cheeks.

The cat eye is your friend. Although the cat eye seems to dip in and out of style, the harsh diagonal line still has an amazing slimming affect, as seen on Ariana Grande, making it the final do on our list!

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