Makeup Tips and Tricks For Beginners

Photo By Tiera Williams

Finding The Right Hue

Are you a makeup lover but not a pro? With these beginner-friendly tips and tricks, you can majorly up your skills. With practice, effort, and a little advice, you’ll be well on your way.

First things first, seek professional help on choosing the right foundation, concealer, and bronzer (TIP: most beauty brands have quizzes to take on their website to help you find the right shade, like Sephora’s). To know for sure your right tint, try samples and apply your on jawline, as that’s your true complexion.

Next, see if you have oily, dry, or combination skin. This is very important when purchasing products for your skin type. The trick is wiping your nose and forehead, known as the T Zone, and rubbing your fingertips together to see if there is oil. (If you want to improve your skin before getting to makeup, check out 8 easy changes you can make today).

Now that you have that down: let’s focus on a primer that complements your foundation, meaning they should share the same base. A primer can be use to hide your imperfections too and will help your makeup blend properly. (TIP: introduce yourself to a illuminating poreless formula primer). This will keep your skin texture smooth.

Skin Perfection

Whether your are creating a natural or dramatic look, always use a flat top brush and a beauty blender when applying your full coverage foundation so the product can melt into your skin. Applying concealer under the eyes will make them pop more. This can be done after your foundation.

The best part of doing your own makeup is not spending hours trying to make everything perfect but knowing your facial features. This brings me to the next step: Contouring! This takes practice but after a few days it will be easy.
Contouring can makes things appear smaller, like your nose, forehead and jawline. This should be done with a darker shade then your foundation. (TIP: go two shades darker).

Photo By Tiera Williams

Cat Eye and Brow Strokes

Did you say EYELINER?!?! Commonly used in everyday makeup, this routine can give you a sexy cat eye look by framing the eyelid. TIP: for the perfect wing, try using scotch tape angled on the side of your eyes. Draw above the line upwards slightly then come down and across your lash line. This is super simple when just first starting out. Another trick to this is applying false lashes for a bold statement.

Now this next step can be done before or after you apply your foundation, but I prefer to draw in my eyebrows a little to give it a deeper effect. TIP: your eyebrows should line up with your nostrils. I recommend doing soft strokes just to fill in, then underlining with concealer to appear neat.

Face Powder and The Perfect Lip

A very important beginner step is adding setting powder: think of it as a energetic boost for your skin. Yes, this is for all skin types! Applying a loose powder on your t-zone will eliminate the oiliness that you will encounter throughout the day. TIP: setting powder also reduces fine lines giving you more polished appearance.

Choosing the right nude lip is the easy part. Most first timers are creating a natural look so they tend to choose a clear lipgloss or a nude lipstick with a matching lip liner. What many don’t know is that some makeup artists use their favorite lipstick as replacement for the liner, then use a gloss in a similar shade and blend.

Are You Blushing?

A little blush here and a little blush there, and you are now ready. Learning how to create different eyeshadow looks is a big step requiring color compliments and A LOT OF BLENDING. But don’t worry – by following these steps, you’re already a pro.

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