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Man Camp’s Tammy Kaitz Gives Insight to the Life of an Actress

The Sarah Scoop Show chatted Tammy Kaitz to learn more about her life as an actor and producer living in Los Angeles. Kaitz told us about how she got her start on stage to now having leading roles in film. She even told us about her time as Theresa in her most recent film Man Camp, and what she hopes for future projects post-pandemic.

Catch up on all the details from the full video interview below:

Man Camp

Directed by Nate Bakke, indie film Man Camp was released to streaming services back in 2019. Kaitz explained how fun it was to be on set with such a great cast, especially her character’s love interest, Pete Gardner of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She described that indie film sets have much more of a “family bond” with the cast, that makes for many entertaining off-camera moments.


Generation Representation

When Kaitz saw the casting call for Man Camp, she just knew the part was perfect for her. She confidently went on to tell producers that they just needed to watch her audition. Kaitz was in love with Theresa because she was a good representation for Kaitz’s generation. She told us how she feels more middle aged people deserve more rounded out stories.

“I turn down roles a lot. I am not just going to be the mom that says ‘pick up your clothes.’ There is a plethora of roles out there for my age demographic, and I love how they (Man Camp) wrote out a really well rounded character.”

-Tammy Kaitz

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Plus, check out Tammy as Theresa in Man Camp, currently streaming on Sling

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