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Interview: Mary Fitzgerald Netflix’s “Selling Sunset”

Mary from Netflix’s “Selling Sunset” gives the scoop on all things the show and what it is like to be a real estate agent in Hollywood.

Watch the full video interview here:

Getting Started

Starting out just being in love with moving and looking at new houses, Mary turned her passion into a successful career. She gives some insight into how she got started as a real estate agent and on the show.

“I started in the beach cities…and that is very very different than the Hollywood Hills.” -Mary Fitzgerald

“We’ve had to learn along the way…We just thought that we were doing real estate.” -Mary Fitzgerald


From her daily work life being portrayed on television, to her wedding, and more, Mary has been someone who has recently come into the spotlight. She talks about seeing her wedding in People Magazine and what her life is like now.

“It’s just so busy. I mean trying to balance like real estate and just like the stuff from the show, like interviews and PR, and all kinds of stuff. It’s just, it’s crazy.” -Mary Fitzgerald

More to Come?

With already having three seasons of this fabulous show, everyone is wondering if and when there will be a new season. Apparently the cast doesn’t even know yet.

“We don’t know yet…we’ll find out in a couple of weeks. It is all based on ratings…so keep bingeing.” -Mary Fitzgerald

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.