Mary Poppins Returns + Official Teaser Trailer

For our consideration, Disney gave us a peek at Mary Poppins Returns during the Oscars. The magical teaser trailer brought in a big storm, nods to the original, and Mary Poppins to save the day!

Oh, let’s go fly a kite!

The teaser for Mary Poppins Returns gives us a hint of the old Mary Poppins by starting out with a kite. Jack the Lamplighter (Lin Manuel Miranda) is biking around London when he notices the damaged kite flying in the gusts. A young boy is flying the kite, and it’s not long before Jack meets up with him. Together, they send the kite higher and higher. The clouds part and a woman appears in the sky. Despite the dangerous gusts, Emily Blunt’s Mary enters in true Mary Poppins fashion. She’s poised, umbrella high, and floating gently like a storm isn’t even on the horizon.

Mirror, Mirror

Jane and Michael Banks, played by Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw seem surprised and grateful to see Mary again. They’re all grown up and look to be in desperate need of the nanny. Mary fixes her appearance in the mirror and we’re reminded of the original film again. When she leaves, her reflection gets a life of its own and watches her go. We wonder if her reflection will have a solo during A Spoonful of Sugar. 


Watch the teaser!

Mary Poppins Returns hits theaters Christmas Day!

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