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35 Festive Matching Dog and Owner Christmas Sweaters

Are you a dog lover looking for the perfect matching dog and owner Christmas outfits? Then, you’re in for a treat!

This year make the festive season extra special with the perfect matching set!

A woman wearing a santa hat with her white dog in a matching Christmas outfit.

We’ve curated a list of 35 adorable, matching Christmas sweaters for you and your pup. Yes, you heard it right!

You’ll both be the talk of the town. So grab a hot cocoa, sit back, and get ready to ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ over these heart-meltingly cute holiday get-ups.

35 Matching Dog and Owner Christmas Sweaters

Reindeer Antler Matching Christmas Sweaters

Rad Reindeer Human and Dog Matching Sweaters
$41.00 ($41.00 / Count)
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11/28/2023 01:16 pm GMT

Your festive season’s charm can reach a whole new level with the Reindeer Antlers Duo Sweaters, designed to match both you and your dog’s holiday spirit.

This matching dog and owner Christmas sweaters set is a stylish take on the traditional reindeer theme, effortlessly combining festive fun with comfort.

As matching sweaters, the set creates a unified look that’s perfect for holiday photos or Christmas parties.

The Reindeer Antlers Duo Sweaters aren’t just about a matching outfit; they represent a unique bonding experience for pet and owner.

So, don this dog owner matching set and watch as everyone admires your matching Christmas spirit.

This matching dog and owner sweaters are the ultimate holiday gear that gives a whole new meaning to owner Christmas sweaters.

Christmas Lights Themed Matching Pet Sweaters

Classic Christmas Matching Pet & Owner Sweaters
$42.00 ($42.00 / Count)
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11/28/2023 01:21 pm GMT

If you’re looking for a bright and cheerful festive look, consider the Christmas Lights Themed Sweaters for you and your pup.

Perfectly pairing you and your furry friend, these matching dog and owner Christmas outfits are a delightful way to express your holiday spirit.

The sweaters are adorned with colorful patterns transforming both you and your dog into walking, barking, festive displays.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill ugly Christmas sweater, it’s a stylish statement of your love for the holiday season.

These holiday sweaters make the perfect Christmas gift and are sure to be a hit at any party.

Santa’s Little Helpers Matching Outfit

For another festive option, consider the Santa’s Little Helpers Sweaters, which are sure to make you and your four-legged friend the talk of any holiday gathering.

This matching dog and owner Christmas set features a pullover dog sweater and a matching dog and owner shirt, both adorned with cute, playful depictions of Santa’s little helpers.

The sweaters aren’t just stylish, they’re also finely detailed, showcasing the creative flair of the holiday season.

You can also add on matching Santa hats for an additional festive flare!

The matching pet owner set captures the spirit of pet and owner Christmas celebrations, truly setting the tone for a memorable holiday.

Classic Red and Green Dog Christmas Sweaters

Family Festive Pajama Set
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11/28/2023 01:32 pm GMT

In the spirit of traditional holiday colors, you can’t go wrong with Classic Red and Green Sweaters for you and your pup.

These matching dog and owner sweaters will have you both radiating the classic Christmas vibe.

The matching pet and owner pajamas, in the same festive hues, are perfect for snuggling by the fire.

This matching owner and pet sweater set is as cozy as it’s stylish, sure to make you and your dog the talk of the town.

With these dog Christmas sweaters, you two will stand out in any holiday photo or festive gathering.

Celebrate the holiday season in style with these matching dog and human clothes. Remember, there’s nothing more adorable than owner sweaters that match their pet’s.

Make this Christmas unforgettable with these classic red and green matching pet sweaters.

Festive Fair Isle Sweaters

Pet Parent and Dog Matching Christmas Moose Sweater
$42.00 ($42.00 / Count)
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11/28/2023 01:32 pm GMT

Why not try out Festive Fair Isle Sweaters for you and your furry friend this Christmas season?

These matching dog and owner sweaters are a heartwarming sight, perfect for the family and dog photo card you’re planning.

With intricate details in festive hues, these sweaters are a versatile dog and owner matching set, balancing comfort and style for both the owner and the pup.

As a dog owner, matching your sweatshirt with your pet’s outfit can bring joy and a sense of belonging.

The dog mom sweater, in particular, is a popular choice among human and dog matching sets.

Snowman Friends Dog Sweaters

Matching Snowman Christmas Sweaters
$41.00 ($41.00 / Count)
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11/28/2023 01:36 pm GMT

After decking out in Festive Fair Isle Sweaters, you’ll love switching up to Snowman Friends Sweaters for a change of pace in the midst of the holiday season.

With matching clothes for you and your furry friend, these sweaters are perfect for the dog owner who wants to share the holiday spirit with their pet.

The Snowman Friends Sweaters make a wonderful dog lover gift, adding a touch of warmth and whimsy to any matching holiday photo.

The human matching sweater features an adorable snowman, mirroring the design on the dog version.

This matching owner and pet combo isn’t only a fun way to celebrate the season, but also an ideal owner gift. Stand out and stay cozy with these matching dog and owner sweaters.

Matching Elf Christmas Pajamas

Every single one of your holiday photos will pop when you and your dog sport these delightful matching Santas Crew Elf outfits.

Imagine the oohs and aahs as you both enter the Christmas party in your matching dog and owner outfits.

The owner PJ set comes with a fun ‘Santa’s Crew’ theme, complete with a matching dog sweater.

These aren’t just your everyday matching dog and owner pajamas, they’re a fashion statement.

Of course, what’s a family photo without the Christmas dog? These dog and owner matching shirts will ensure everyone is in the festive spirit.

Candy Cane Striped Matching Clothes

Moving on from elf outfits, you’ll love our candy cane striped sweaters that are perfect for you and your furry companion.

As a pet owner, it’s your chance to elevate the family Christmas spirit with these stylish owner pajamas and matching dog clothes.

The stripes, reminiscent of candy canes hung on a Christmas tree, add a dollop of holiday cheer, making the sweaters a delightful gift for dog owners.

The PJ’s come in various sizes, ensuring a snug fit for both you and your Christmas tree dog.

We believe that family matching extends to our pets too. So, don’t pass up this opportunity to get a shirt with a matching pet shirt. It’s a fun, festive way to express love for your pet.

Poinsettia Patterned Sweaters

If you’re looking for a truly festive touch, our collection of poinsettia patterned outfits won’t disappoint you.

Made for the dog and mom duo, these PJ’s are the epitome of holiday cheer.

Imagine your family Christmas pajamas, but with a twist. This isn’t your ordinary Blueberry Pet Ugly Christmas, but a stylish upgrade.

These poinsettia patterned pajamas with dog designs are sure to make your holiday dog the star of the show.

The set is complete with a dog mom onesie with matching pet sweater, giving you the perfect pet matching set.

This isn’t just a mom shirt with matching pet, it’s a statement. Funny matching dog and owner outfits have never been this chic.

It’s not just about human and dog, it’s about creating holiday memories.

Matching Pet and Owner Ugly Christmas Sweaters

For an extra dose of holiday humor, you can’t go wrong with our Ugly Christmas Sweaters Duo for you and your pooch.

These aren’t your average Christmas pajamas. They’re a dog pullover and a dog bandana, reimagined as an ugly sweater duo.

Crafted with cozy cotton matching both your style and your dog’s comfort, they come in quirky, personalized matching dog designs.

Whether you prefer a plaid dog pattern or a comical dog and cat scene, we’ve got you covered.

Dad matching clothes? No problem. We even have a dog shirt and dog tank top option for warmer climates.

These sweaters ensure that both you and your fur friend stay stylishly comfortable and festive all season long.

Gingerbread Man Dog and Owner Clothes

Dog Gingerbread Christmas Sweater
$11.99 ($11.99 / Count)
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11/28/2023 02:26 pm GMT

Switching gears to our Gingerbread Man Sweaters, you’ll find they seamlessly blend the playful spirit of the holiday season with the comfort of your favorite winter wear.

As a dog mom, you’ll appreciate the free shipping and the opportunity to match with your fur baby.

The sweaters feature a delightful gingerbread man that mirrors the design on the dog face t-shirt and the pants for cat dog.

The sweaters come with coordinating accessories like dog mom bracelets and a custom dog necklace.

Your dog can also flaunt a besties embroidered dog or bff embroidered dog collar, making you and your pet the ultimate festive duo.

These matching sets make great gifts for any dog or cat lover. Celebrate the season in style with these adorable Gingerbread Man Sweaters.

Jingle Bells Inspired Family Christmas Sweaters

While you’re enjoying the whimsical charm of the Gingerbread Man Sweaters, don’t miss out on our Jingle Bells Inspired Sweaters, which carry an equally enchanting festive spirit.

These sweaters are a blend of traditional holiday colors, primarily red and green, with a dash of sparkling gold for that extra twinkle.

They’re designed with cute characters that dance merrily across the fabric, lending a festive rhythm to your holiday outfit.

The soft, warm material guarantees comfort for you and your pet, making this sweater and bandana perfect for those cozy Christmas evenings.

Mrs. Claus and Rudolph Pet Sweaters

Once you’ve rung in the holiday season with the Jingle Bells Inspired Sweaters, it’s time to step up your festive game with our Mrs. Claus and Rudolph PJs.

Imagine you and your canine companion donning matching garments that pay homage to the iconic characters who make Christmas so magical.

Your dog’s sweater is a nod to Rudolph complete with a little red nose and antlers.

Each stitch is lovingly crafted, ensuring comfort and durability.

These PJ’s are more than just clothing; they’re a celebration of the holiday spirit, a memorable statement proclaiming your love for Christmas and your four-legged friend.

Christmas Tree Turtleneck Sweaters

Cable Knit Dog Sweater
$20.99 ($20.99 / Count)
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11/28/2023 02:38 pm GMT

You’ll absolutely love our Christmas Tree Turtleneck Sweaters, a perfect blend of warmth, style, and festive cheer for you and your dog.

These sweater features a charming pattern offering a visual delight to anyone who sees it.

It easily matches any cozy sweater with a similar texture!

Crafted from soft, comfortable materials, this turtleneck sweater is designed to be snug without being restrictive, ensuring your furry friend can move freely.

The sweater is bound to catch the eye and spread holiday cheer.

Santa Paws Matching Outfit

Next up, we’ve got our Santa Paws Matching outfit, a must-have for any festive wardrobe.

Imagine your furry friend sporting a vibrant red, garment emblazoned with a jolly Santa Paws, complemented perfectly by your identically designed shirt.

The soft, warm fabric ensures coziness provides a snug fit for both you and your pooch.

With these tops, you’re not just wearing an outfit; you’re showcasing your Christmas spirit and love for your four-legged companion.

Nordic Style Christmas Sweaters

Black and White Family Matching Pajamas
$19.99 $17.99
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11/28/2023 02:38 pm GMT

Why not try on our Nordic Style Christmas Sweaters for size?

Imagine this: you’re basking in the glow of your Christmas tree, a mug of hot cocoa in hand.

You’re feeling comfy and cozy in your Nordic sweater, its intricate snowflake pattern reminiscent of a serene winter’s night.

Now, picture your pooch, also sporting a matching sweater, curling up by your side.

There’s something about the Nordic design that’s timeless, evoking memories of tradition and togetherness.

Made from soft, durable fabric, these sweaters are as practical as they’re stylish.

They’re the ideal addition to your festive wardrobe, and your furry friend’s too!

With our Nordic Style Christmas Sweaters, you and your dog will be the very picture of holiday cheer!

Penguin Pals Sweaters

While you’re spreading the holiday cheer, don’t forget to check out the Penguin Pals Sweater, a festive option that’s sure to make you and your dog stand out.

This quirky, high-quality sweater sports a chic, red color palette, adorned with playful penguin patterns.

The soft, knitted fabric ensures you and your furry friend stay warm and cozy, while the eye-catching design guarantees admiring glances.

The dog’s version has a snug fit, ensuring your pet’s comfort and freedom to move. The human counterpart features a relaxed fit, allowing for layering on chillier days.

Polar Bear White Sweaters

If you’re a fan of our Penguin Pals Sweaters, you’ll definitely fall in love with our Polar Bear White Sweaters, a festive treat for both you and your pup this holiday season.

This adorable set features a whimsical polar bear design against a snowy white backdrop, perfect for capturing the wintry feel of Christmas.

Imagine curling up by the fire, sipping hot cocoa, while you and your furry friend sport matching sweaters, embodying the joyful spirit of the holidays.

Crafted from soft, breathable fabric, these owner matching dog sweaters ensure comfort for both you and your dog.

You’ll love the attention to detail, from the intricate stitching of the polar bear to the cozy ribbed cuffs.

Classic Christmas Film Sweaters

Buddy The Elf 2 Pack Christmas Dog Bandanas
$15.99 ($8.00 / Count)
Buy Now
11/28/2023 02:51 pm GMT

Moving on from our Polar Bear White Sweaters, you’ll get a kick out of our Classic Christmas Film Sweaters.

Designed to bring your favorite holiday movies to life in a cozy, stylish way, these sweaters are perfect for you and your furry friend.

Imagine going on a walk, both of you donned in ‘A Christmas Story’ or ‘Elf’ themed sweaters, turning heads and spreading holiday cheer.

The intricate designs capture iconic moments from these films, so you feel like part of the story.

So, rally the spirit of Christmas classics this season and bond with your pet over these adorable dog bandanas.

Snowflake Print Sweaters

Next up on our list, you’ll adore the timeless elegance of our snowflake print sweaters for you and your pet.

Imagine stepping out on a crisp Christmas morning, you and your furry friend both draped in the delicate beauty of falling snowflakes.

These matching dog Christmas PJ’s aren’t just fun, they’re comfortable too, made from premium, soft-to-the-touch materials that ensure you both stay cozy.

The snowflake design, a classic symbol of the festive season, is intricately woven into the fabric. It’s a fun and charming way to share your Christmas spirit.

Christmas Plaid Sweaters

Every single one of you’ll absolutely love our traditional Christmas plaid PJ’s for both you and your four-legged companion.

These Christmas matching sweaters, woven with festive hues of red, green, and white, capture the essence of Christmas perfectly.

The intricate plaid design is timeless, making you and your pet the center of attention at any holiday gathering.

The PJ’s aren’t only stylish but also incredibly comfortable. They’re made from soft, breathable material, ensuring maximum comfort for you and your beloved pet.

Plus, they’re easy to wear and remove for an owner and dog, thanks to their stretchy cuffs and neckline.

Naughty or Nice Pajamas

Matching Family Pajamas Set
Buy Now
11/28/2023 03:16 pm GMT

If you’re looking for a fun twist on the holiday theme, these matching dog owner and dog naughty or nice PJs are just what you’ve been searching for.

These playful designs allow you and your furry friend to decide whether you’ve been mischievous or well-behaved this year.

They’re not just fashionable, but comfortable too, ensuring your dog feels just as good as they look.

Celebrate the season and display your Christmas spirit with these whimsical pajamas.

Ho Ho Ho Matching Holiday Sweaters

Ho Ho Ho Ho Red Hoodie for Pet
$7.99 ($7.99 / Ounce)
Buy Now
11/28/2023 03:18 pm GMT

Why not spread holiday cheer with our Ho Ho Ho sweaters, designed for both you and your pup? These matching sweaters are crafted with superior quality, warmth, and comfort in mind.

The chic, vivid red hue will surely turn heads at your holiday gatherings.

The Ho Ho Ho design is knitted into the fabric, creating a festive, textured feel. This matching dog and owner set is perfect for you and your pup.

Your dog’s sweater has a snug yet flexible fit, ensuring they can romp around in the snow without restriction.

Yours, on the other hand, is tailored to flatter, with a cozy neckline and ribbed cuffs.

These Ho Ho Ho sweaters aren’t just about style, they’re a fun, festive way to show off the special bond between you and your pet.

This Christmas, you’ll be the most stylish duo around with one of the best dog Christmas sweaters!

Festive Color Block Sweaters

Christmas Color Block Dog Sweater
$20.99 ($20.99 / Count)
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11/28/2023 03:23 pm GMT

Next up, we’ve our Festive Color Block Sweaters, another great option that’ll help you and your furry friend stand out in a crowd this Christmas season.

These sweaters feature a unique blend of vibrant colors, meticulously arranged in blocks that are great for a dog and owner matching Christmas outfit.

Think festive reds, greens, whites, and blues harmoniously placed side-by-side. It’s an eye-catching design that’s sure to turn heads at your holiday party.

The best part? These sweaters aren’t only aesthetic but also comfortable.

They’re made from soft, warm material that’ll keep you and your pet cozy throughout the chilly winter nights.

Snowy Night Christmas Sweaters

Snowman Dog Sweater
$11.88 ($11.88 / Count)
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11/28/2023 03:27 pm GMT

Diving into the charm of our Snowy Night Christmas Sweaters, you’ll find your holiday wardrobe’s star attraction.

Imagine donning a soft, knitted masterpiece adorned with twinkling stars that mirror a snowy winter sky.

Now, picture your furry friend in a matching version, their tail wagging in delight.

The sweater is flattering on all fur colors, making it an excellent choice for you and your pet.

This Christmas, let this Snowy Night Sweater make your pooch the center of attention, twinkling brighter than any holiday light.

Finding Your Matching Dog and Owner Christmas Sweaters

So, don’t wait around! Get into the holiday spirit with these 35 festive matching dog and owner Christmas sweaters.

Whether you’re all about the classic red and green, or prefer a cheeky ‘naughty or nice’ theme, there’s a style for every personality and pooch.

From reindeer antlers to starry nights, these sweaters aren’t just warm and cozy, they’re a fun way to bond with your furry friend this festive season.

Deck the halls and your wardrobe, it’s Christmas time!

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