Matt Barnett From “Love is Blind” Talks About Finding Love

The Sarah Scoop Show spoke with Matt Barnett from the hit Netflix dating show, Love Is Blind. He spoke on how his experience on the show changed him, his relationship with his wife Amber (who is also from the show), and much more.

Watch the full video interview below:

Inside the Pods

Joining a new show comes with many unknowns. Matt talks about what his experience was being on Love Is Blind, and what it was like living and dating in the pods.

“It’s like an interrogation but like the whole time you’re learning what other people are looking for in you…”

-Matt Barnett

What Changed for Him?

Matt, looking for a chance at love, joined the show knowing that what he would experience would be new and unique to any others. He went in with a different view and approach to dating and relationships than he came out with. 

“That whole situation allowed me to open up in ways that I hadn’t been able to…”

-Matt Barnett

“It changed my view on dating. On how I was dating. Like this whole time I’ve been doing it wrong.”

-Matt Barnett

Life After the Show

Being on the show not only provided Matt with a unique new experience, and a wife, but also a lot of attention and fans all around the world. He discusses what life has been like after filming.

“It feels like normal life, a little bit on crack maybe…I’ve never done crack, but it feels like that might be what its like.”

-Matt Barnett

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