Matt Fraser Brings Psychic Medium Show to Kansas City: Interview & Details

In the realm of the extraordinary, psychic medium Matt Fraser stands as a beacon of hope, a messenger between the living and the departed.

With a gift that transcends the ordinary, Matt’s journey into the world of psychic mediumship began at a young age.

In our recent interview with Matt Fraser, Matt opened up about his unique experiences, his live event at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City on October 15, 2023, and the profound impact of his work.

psychic medium matt fraser in a gold tuxedo posing for a photo.

Discovering a Unique Gift

When Matt Fraser was a young boy he realized he was different. He could see and hear things that were beyond the reach of most.

Matt’s everyday existence felt akin to living the storyline of “The Sixth Sense.” Souls sought him out, yearning to convey their untold stories and messages to their families.

His journey began, and there was no turning back.

The Uniqueness of the Experience

Matt emphasized that every seat at the event is a good seat. The spirits guide him throughout the room, and it doesn’t matter where you’re sitting; what matters is that you’re there.

As he takes the stage, he becomes a conduit for spirits to deliver messages directly to their loved ones in the audience. The experience is a rollercoaster of emotions, from tears to laughter, and it consistently turns skeptics into believers.

Inspiration for Interactive Events

The inspiration behind creating interactive events like these stems from the countless messages Matt receives from people worldwide.

They look to him for messages from their departed loved ones and for answers to questions that linger long after a loved one has passed.

Matt’s events serve not only to relay messages but to teach that our loved ones never truly leave us; they are always with us, albeit in a different way.

A Glimpse into the Kansas City Event

When asked psychic medium Matt Fraser about his upcoming live event at The Uptown Theater in Kansas City on October 15, 2023, Matt described it as a family reunion with Heaven.

What makes this event unique is that it’s not just a show; it’s an intimate and interactive experience where attendees are never alone.

They attend with their departed loved ones in spirit, who join them to create an atmosphere of profound connection.

Memorable Moments and Skeptic Conversion

One of Matt’s most memorable experiences during a live show involved a skeptic turned believer.

A man who had initially walked in as a nonbeliever was seeking answers about his son’s journey to Heaven.

Matt’s reading connected with the man’s son, who gave a poignant message about a locket of hair that the father had kept.

The man’s revelation of the hair locket he had carried for years proved that Heaven was indeed a real place, changing his perspective on life after death.

Advice for Connecting with Intuition

Psychic medium Matt Fraser answers heaven's call.

For individuals interested in connecting with their intuition, Matt offered simple advice: trust it.

He explained that everyone has a psychic voice within, a unique way of receiving messages from those in spirit and from their angels.

The more you tap into and use your intuition, the stronger it becomes.

The Importance of Events Like These

Matt believes that events like his are crucial, as they provide answers to the questions that often remain after a loved one’s passing, such as why they died and whether they found peace. These events offer both answers and hope.

Addressing Skeptics and Misconceptions

When it comes to skeptics and critics questioning the authenticity of psychic mediums, Matt doesn’t shy away from them; he invites them.

He hopes that the experiences he offers can change their perceptions, as they have for so many who have attended his events.

Matt also addressed the common misconception that mediums know “everything.” He clarified that mediums are messengers, only relaying the information provided by spirits.

It’s an ongoing journey of learning to understand and interpret the messages received from the spirit world.

Personal Growth and Spiritual Evolution

Working in the field of psychic mediumship has offered Matt glimpses into Heaven and the afterlife.

These experiences have provided him with immense comfort, and he is determined to share this comfort and knowingness with his audience.

Future Projects and a Message for the Audience

Excitingly, Matt has many future projects, including a tour across the US and Canada, a new website, and a brand new book titled “Don’t Wait Till You’re Dead,” where he shares information from the spirit world.

The ultimate message Matt hopes his audience takes away from his live events is that their loved ones in spirit are always with them and never truly leave their lives.

Getting Tickets and Staying Updated

For those eager to attend Matt’s Kansas City event or to stay informed about future appearances, tickets can be purchased on his website,, where all tour dates are listed.

A Proven Track Record

Psychic medium Matt Fraser reveals the secrets of the afterlife in "We Never Die.

Matt Fraser’s work as a psychic medium transcends the bounds of the ordinary. He offers an opportunity for people to connect with their loved ones in the spirit world, find answers to lingering questions, and most importantly, discover that their loved ones are always by their side.

His uncanny abilities and extreme accuracy have allowed him to reach people worldwide, from A-list celebrities and influencers to everyday individuals seeking to reconnect with their lost loved ones.

He’s been featured on numerous national and regional TV, radio shows, newspapers, and podcasts, solidifying his reputation as America’s top psychic medium.

His commitment to bridging worlds and bringing comfort is truly inspirational and has the power to change even the most skeptical minds.

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